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Brave Browser – Will the new player be able to change the game rules?

The links to download the Brave browser you´ll find in this post are referral links, as Brave browser is been currently promoted this way: if you download, install and keep using the Brave browser for over a month, you´ll be supporting our site because we will receive a referral reward that will not cost you anything. But as you will realize if you read this post, I would recommend Brave anyway, even if those rewards did not exist.

Regular Internet users in general may or may not be too concerned about their privacy, but the number of users who are getting tired of having their preferences and habits continuously tracked by others is increasingly growing up. If you are one of them, you should definitely give the Brave browser a try.

Brave is a free open source browser that is becoming more and more popular, mainly because it is faster and it provides better privacy than other browsers. It has being around for some time now though, and once I tried it I wondered why it is not more popular among the WordPress community yet, which made me feel like writing this post about it.

What makes the Brave browser different?

Privacy and Security

The first thing that makes the Brave browser stand out from the rest is that it comes with built-in shields to block website trackers and remove intrusive Internet advertisements. This browser also upgrades to HTTPS whenever possible to provide secure, encrypted communications when an ordinary browser would use an insecure connection.


But with Brave you have control over these shields, you can customize their settings on a per-site or browser-wide basis.

And you can also see how many ads and trackers are being blocked by Brave every day.

So with Brave you can browse confidently with default settings that block phishing, malware, and malvertising. But in case you need it, you will always have the freedom to decide whether to change the settings and to deactivate any of the shields.

Brave Software, Inc. (the company behind the Brave browser) estates that their servers neither see nor store your browsing data (so it stays private, on your devices, until you delete it). Which means that they will never sell your data to third parties, simply because they will not have your data to sell.

Faster browsing

Apart from avoiding the annoyance of intrusive ads and improving your privacy, another advantage of blocking ads and trackers is that the browser does not need to download a lot of stuff, so it can serve web content faster.

Brave claims to load pages 2x faster than other browsers out of the box with nothing to install, learn or manage, that 2x speed improvement being for desktop devices and reaching up to 8x in the case of mobile.


Flexible and user-friendly

The Brave browser is primarily based on the open source Chromium, so from the user point of view it is not so different from other browsers (except, of course, for its unique features). And now even supports most of the available Chrome extensions.

Brave offers a nice and intuitive user interface with a very easy to use tab system for settings, bookmarks, help, etc. It also displays statistics about the content blocked by the browser over time.

You can use the Brave browser with many different search engines. By the way, if you haven´t tried DuckDuckGo for your searches yet, don´t hesitate. Brave plus DuckDuckGo are the perfect match to increase your privacy.

Brave Rewards System

Apart from all those privacy and security features we´ve seen, what makes the Brave browser really unique is its rewards system, based on their ‘Basic Attention Token’ (BAT), an open-source, decentralized platform based on Ethereum.

Brave works on a BAT reward system which can be used to reward people at both sides of the browsing experience:

  • Users can reward content creators, either by manually sending them tips to support their work or by configuring Brave to automatically distribute their contributions based on how much time they spend on sites.
  • Users can also be rewarded with BATs, for example for browsing the web in case they decide to view ads, which are presented separately from the web content and keep personal details private and anonymous. In other words, users can be paid for viewing ads, and not exactly a small part, since users receive 70% of the ad revenue.

Content creators can sign up to become a verified content creator on Brave Rewards in order to start collecting contributions. That way they can get paid directly by their audience for their content, instead of relying on other income sources such as ad revenue.

In case you´re curious, the current price of the BAT token can be checked here.

Who is behind the Brave browser?

Behind Brave is Brendan Eich, the creator of the JavaScript language and co-founder of the Mozilla project. He is the CEO of Brave Software, Inc., which was co-founded by him and by the company CTO, Brian Bondy.


Back in 2016, in his TEDx talk How to fix the web, Brendan Eich was already talking about the need of changing the current advertising systems and of a browser (such as Brave, although without naming it) capable of leading the way towards a new advertising and content creator/user rewarding model.

My personal experience with the Brave Browser

I downloaded and installed the Brave browser on my iMac a couple of weeks ago. Just a few days after that, it had already become my default browser not only there, but on my MacBook and on my phone as well. It is that impressive.

I imported all my browsing data from Firefox in just a couple of minutes, so the move from one browser to the other was really seamless. Brave provides a very easy way for importing your browsing history, favorites/bookmarks, saved passwords, stats and other data and settings from your current browser. And not only that, Brave now also offers a new feature that allows you to sync your preferences on all your devices: Brave Sync.


Setting up Brave Sync

Brave Sync is currently in beta and therefore you will have the option to sync only your bookmarks across devices for the time being. Even so I think it is a feature worth to have, so I set it up on my devices and I found it´s nice and easy to get working. I can´t wait to see what else Brave Sync will bring in future versions. Brave Sync is available in Brave for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android, and iOS.

Regarding the privacy and security shields, this is what the statistics on my default Brave browser page say after 2 weeks:

As you can see, more than twelve thousand ads were blocked in just fourteen days, along with almost five hundred trackers. That is a lot more than one would predict, isn´t it?

The experience regarding privacy is really pleasant, and particularly welcome in the case of mobile devices, where those intrusive ads can eat up a considerable part of your screen.

I´ve also installed some Chrome extensions on my desktop Brave browser without any problem, and they work exactly as expected.

I found this browser very easy to set and use and notably faster than others. In other words: so far, I couldn´t be happier with the Brave browser.

So why don´t you give it a try? You won´t regret it. Because as Gabriel Weinberg (CEO of DuckDuckGo) says, “using the internet doesn’t have to feel like you’re being watched, listened to, and monitored”.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Download Brave browser and give it a try. You will not regret it!

Luis Alejandre

Luis is the creator of the WPThemeDetector tool and the chief editor of this blog. You can read more about Luis in our About page.
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  1. Blocking Ads? I don’t usually promote browsers (e.g Opera browsers) that by default, block ads.

  2. The browser is good but interface is lacking

  3. Yup, its one of unique browser. But interface is little boring.. I am using it a secondary browser.
    First boot up is slow, web pages loads speeder, privacy and security is awesome. Also i am getting rewards for browsing..
    Brave browser is game changer, waiting for more features..

  4. The idea to reward content creators is good. I mean, without content the browser is kind of useless. However, a lot of users are reporting that the browser interface is kind of boring. Hopefully, they’ll fix this.

  5. The interface is not bad but needs improvement. I like the shields function, seems very promising but my real question is does stop fingerprinting techniques like webrtc, canvas fingerprinting etc? because biggest threat to privacy is these fingerprinting techniques used by ad agencies.

  6. They are just destroying bloggers who depend on adsense…

  7. Luis,

    After seeing your experience with it, I must try the Brave Browser once. For ads-free browsing experience, it seems great.

  8. 1. Using your site often – check
    2. Supporting privacy online – check
    3. Brave browser installed through your link – check

  9. Thanks, Luis for the recommendation. I usually keep an eye out for new stuff in your blog because the tips you share do really work.

    I usually do a lot of investigation before downloading anything online, but I downloaded BRAVE without slightest of hesitation because of my trust in your recommendations.

    So far, so good. I am an avid Chrome user and this is just a perfect replacement for Chrome with a built-in supporting system for Chrome apps and extensions.

    Within 10 minutes I got a browser that works just like Chrome with the same bookmarks, same tools, and extension but with a beautiful look and feel and an amazing rewarding system.

    Thanks again for recommending it. Keep up the great work!

  10. Hello! Could I use the Brave browser to audit a site so it detects cookies, scripts and other stuff to block, as for GDPR and cookie laws?

  11. Hi Luis,
    Yes, I am using Brave as well. It’s great. It’s good in blocking ads. Moreover I have seen pages loading fast with brave.

  12. How they get managed to load websites 3 times faster? It is even fast than Chrome

  13. I will definitely try this browser

  14. Luis,

    After seeing your experience with it, I must try the Brave Browser once. For ads-free browsing experience, it seems great.

  15. I’m always on the lookout for a faster browser. I downloaded with no issues and it’s a great browser!

  16. this browser is very much light.. no extra high ram use as like crome..
    its best browser

  17. I just installed it on my device and I must say am in AWE with the way my web pages keep loading fast here.

    Kudos to BRAVE

  18. Hi Luis, thanks for the article. Privacy is becoming harder and harder. You have mentioned certain browser tools one can use to feel more safe and data secure.

  19. I’m using brave browser, it’s works well

  20. For the first time, I am hearing it. Thanks for sharing. Currently, I use Google Chrome. It seems faster than Chrome. Sure, I will give a try.

  21. I will definitely try this browser

  22. They are just destroying bloggers who depend on adsense…

  23. I have been using this browser from 2018. It is very fast and secure. I have also used the TOR browser added within brave. The brave reward helps you to pay to content creators, better than seeing those advertisements. The only problem is it cannot stop certain inbuild popups at the moment, but they will be able to that in the future.

  24. Best browser so far for those –
    1. Who is seeking speed,
    2. Concerned of privacy

    And must to say i am using on both my pc and mobile as well works like a charm.

  25. The browser is just a joke for developers and particularly if you have Mac. The extensions, UI and other accessibility features which one gets in Chrome or Safari are matchless. These new browsers are just like “alternative Facebooks”.

    • I don´t understand your point of view. For instance, Brave is compatible with Chrome extensions.

  26. Hi! How can I use the Brave browser to audit a site so that it detects cookies, scripts and other stuff to block, as for GDPR and cookie laws?

  27. Can’t wait to have my own experience with the brave browser.Hope its fast!

  28. I will definitely try this browser

  29. Currently i am using this browser. After use of 1 month i can honestly say that this is very much light and requires no high RAM space.

  30. I usually do a lot of investigation before downloading anything online, but I downloaded BRAVE without slightest of hesitation because of my trust in your recommendations.

  31. Browser is garbo. The only thing that is useful, coming from brave, is the integrated TOR browsing mode.

    Iridium > Palemoon > “XYZ” Chromium Fork > All other trash….

  32. this form of marketing requires that you pay a publisher or a social media firm or search engine firms such as Facebook or Google to help you publish your advert and pay whenever a prospect clicks on it.

  33. Trying for the first time. Thanks for sharing. I use Google Chrome but seems faster. Be back for feedback.

  34. Everyone is concerned about his privacy but sometimes the level of ignorance is high.

  35. I love this browser, fantastic effort by the brave team. here is the real competitor of chrome.

  36. there are many browsers in market but i’ll try this one too

  37. I will definitely try this browser. If this browser works fine and I will share my opinion.

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