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Introducing our new feature: Top WordPress Themes reports

In our site we have offered Top Theme Providers reports from the beginning.

Then we offered the Top Plugins reports.

So it is about time to add a new kind of report: Top WordPress Themes.

Instead of just tracking the themes providers, we started several months ago taking into account also the individual theme finds, as well as recording and curating many details about the found themes.

So now we are able to tell you which themes are the ones that our tool detects more frequently, as well as some details about them and where they are used.

What will you find on this new report?

In the first version of our Top WordPress Themes report you will get the following information for each one of the top themes:

top themes features

  1. The ranking position for that theme.
  2. The theme screenshot
  3. The name of theme
  4. A short description of the theme
  5. The theme provider´s favicon, to easily identify it at a glance
  6. The name of the provider, with a link to their site
  7. Information about the theme being free or premium
  8. Special information about certain themes, for example we will tell you if it is a framework or a commercial child theme
  9. The percentage of the sites that our tool has analysed so far which are currently using that theme, over the total analysed websites.
  10. A button with a link to the theme site, where you can get all the details and features of the theme, see it working on a demo, or download it.

Some notes about this Top Theme Providers report:

They are several things that you may be interested in knowing about how we prepare this reports:

  • The top themes are ranked according to the number of times we detect them. That means that #1 is the theme more frequently detected by our WordPress Theme Detector when our users investigate websites to find what themes are being used by them.
  • The percentage we show in “This theme is used by X.XX % of analysed sites“, measures a different parameter. That is why sometimes you may notice that a theme ranking higher than other may nevertheless show a smaller percentage of sites using it than the following theme. This is not an error and it is quite consistent, the main reason for it being that the same site (with the same theme) may be investigated many times by our users (some WP sites are very popular, so many users of WPThemeDetector.com are often tempted to check what themes are being used by them).
  • To calculate the percentage of analysed sites using a particular theme, we only take into account the sites that use WordPress and for which a WordPress theme was found, not the total websites investigated by our tool.
  • A site may change its active theme from time to time. Since we keep track of those changes, we take into account only the last theme detected in each site to calculate the percentage of analysed sites that are using each theme.
  • Many sites use a child theme, so our script will count both the child and the parent theme in those cases, since both are being used by the analysed site.
  • Although a lot of information about the themes is recorded automatically, we have to do a lot of manual work as well. For instance, there is no way to automate the process of registering whether a theme is commercial or free.
  • We have removed from this report those custom or proprietary themes which are used only by a very popular site or by a single site that has been queried many times by our users. WordPress Theme Detector  is a tool mainly intended to find out which theme is being used by a site that you like (so you may consider using it yourself). For one thing it wouldn´t make sense to you to find out that a unique and proprietary theme is one of the top ones, only because it is the theme used by one of the most popular WP sites. But also, usually that popularity is due to the great content level of the site, not just because it uses a good theme.
  • All the data we show you on this report is updated dynamically.

We hope that you enjoy our new feature. Check it out here and stay tuned, there is more to come!

Please let me know what you think about it through the comments!



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