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OptimizePress 2: a completely renewed WordPress theme for marketers

OptimizePress has just launched its completely renewed theme, named OptimizePress 2.0.

For those of you who haven´t heard about OptimizePress yet, it is a WordPress theme which is highly specialized in the needs of internet marketers´ websites.

In fact, it seems to be the preferred WordPress theme choice for internet marketers. Being a one theme only provider, OptimizePress has managed to score around the tenth position of our Top WP Providers report (it is ranking #12 at this particular moment after CyberChimps finally incorporated all the themes bought from the former ThemeID into their brand and got to enter our top providers list). As for the theme itself, OptimizePress finds its usual and comfortable place at #8 in our Top WordPress Themes reports.

The new theme is a brand new product which has been built from the ground up to substitute the previous versions. It works as a framework allowing the user to create awesome marketing sites and pages with a simple point and click interface without touching a line of code.

It is a WordPress Theme, but it´s also a Plugin!

OptimizePress 2.0 comes in both WordPress Theme and Plugin formats, so now you can use OptimizePress as a plugin with any WordPress site no matter what theme you are using, thus creating custom sales pages and landing pages while keeping your existing blog intact.

This theme comes with a lot of interesting features such as:


OptimizePress 2.0 includes the “LiveEditor” system, which allows you to build custom pages with the layouts you want, including:


  • Choose the number of columns you want to use (1-6 columns).
  • Add rows with different color backgrounds or even background images.
  • Use the Element Browser to add a huge range of elements to your page (see below).
  • Drag and Drop Elements to different columns – rearrange your elements to fit your design.
  • Add custom code around elements.
  • Drag and drop rows – move rows up and down your pages to re-arrange your content.
  • Typography (fonts) can be changed – choose from many Google fonts and change the font size, style and color of almost any text.

Element Browser library

The Element Browser library includes all the most popular elements you would need for any marketing site or landing page including:

  • Feature Boxes – add features to your page and illustrate them with icons from a huge selection.
  • Delay Content – any element on your page to appear after the time you choose.
  • Navigation – now you can drop in navigation sidebars anywhere on your page and pull menus straight from WordPress.
  • Bullet Blocks – add styled bullet lists and choose from a huge range of icons for your bullets.
  • Headlines Style – Select from many different headline styles including underlines and shaded backgrounds.
  • Audio and Video players – insert your own audio or video or use video from Youtube or elsewhere.
  • Buttons – choose from pre-designed buttons or use the custom button creator to create unique CSS buttons.
  • Opt-in Boxes – add opt-in boxes anywhere on your page and choose from many custom designs.
  • Many more features including – guarantee boxes, order boxes, arrows, content toggles, live search boxes, Facebook comments, WordPress comments, Testimonials, Pricing Tables and many many more…





Custom Membership and Product Delivery Features

It’s important to deliver your products in a custom, sleek looking members area. OptimizePress 2.0 makes it easier than ever to create a completely custom members area and secure your content from unwanted visitors:

  • Powerful Membership Templating System – means you can easily organise your content into products or memberships with categories, subcategories and lesson pages.
  • Membership Security Built-in – Use the included Membership plugin that works exclusively with OptimizePress to secure your posts, pages and content including secure file downloads.
  • Integrate with most major platforms including Paypal, Clickbank, Authorize.net and Infusionsoft to take payments and deliver your members to a secure members area.
  • Create completely custom Members areas with the membership elements including page listings (list pages from any membership product or category including thumbnails and descriptions of your content).
  • Create custom membership sidebars for any page, so each page of your membership can be different if you wish.

Other features

  • Autoresponder/Mailing List Service Integrations. API Level integration with the top autoresponder and mailing list services including Aweber, iContact, Mailchimp, OfficeAutopilot, Infusionsoft, Campaign Monitor and more. You can also use custom form code if you wish or have your opt-in form results emailed to you.
  • GoToWebinar Integration. Send your opt-ins straight to GotoWebinar to register them for a webinar, and also add them to an autoresponder list at the same time.
  • Complete Launch Suite (Multi-Funnel Support). Now you can create launch funnels for your product launches and create multiple funnels for different products on the same site.
  • Save Your Pages as Presets. Use the Preset and Clone features to duplicate your pages on your site so you can design once and reuse that design to keep your pages looking consistent.
  • Customize Navigation Bars on a Page-by-Page Level. Now you no-longer have to be stuck with the same navigation bar across your pages. Each page you create with the LiveEditor system can have individual menus – just create them inside the WordPress menus system and then pick them on each page you create.
  • Export Your Designs as Templates. Now you can export your pages as templates and share them.
  • Included Templates. The theme comes with over 30 pre-made templates to choose from. You can click to edit anything on the page, or add more elements from the Element Browser to add more functionality.
  • Fully ResponsiveOptimizePress 2.0 automatically generates fully responsive pages for you when you with no extra work.





OptimizePress Templates




OptimizePress responsive

New Template Marketplace

OptimizePress has also announced the creation of a marketplace taking advantage of the template export feature. Users  can now export their pages as templates and share them on the new OptimizePress Marketplace for other OptimizePress users to download and use.

You can learn more about the new OptimizePress 2.0 here.


  1. Hi Luis, I do really appreciate your effort which is seen in the post. Great review dude. Keep it up!

  2. Nice Theme, maybe I will use it for one next project.

  3. I read that Optimize Press is not compatible with the Headway theme. Is this no longer true??

    • I assume that you´re talking about using OptimizePress as a plugin in a WP install with its active theme being based on Headway, but I´ve never heard of that incompatibility issue.

      • Hi Luis,

        Thanks for replying! Yes, I’m talking about the Plugin. I downloaded it as a theme and put it on a separate website of it’s own, but my main website still doesn’t have Optimize Press’ capabilities on it. I don’t know if I should save my site as is for back up and try OP as a plugin (do I need to buy another one to use as a plugin rather than a theme?) and see if I can make it work, or if I should re-do my site using OP as a theme…?

        Any suggestions?

        Thank you!

        • Hi Karen,

          If you are happy with your current theme, you can use OptimizePress as a plugin. You don´t have to buy it again, since the OptimizePress Core Package allows you to use OptimizePress on 3 sites.

        • Here is the link to the Optimizepress Support Center & Knowledgebase page with Known Issues Guide: http://help.optimizepress.com/customer/portal/articles/1250778-plugin-theme-conflicts-op2-

          It has a list of incompatible themes, there are four of them, and Headway is one of them.

          This is why I want to try it out on a “dummy” version of my site to see what it does to it and if I can work around the problems…

  4. Thank you very much by admin

  5. I have been working on implementing the optimizepress theme on my site for four weeks now. This is a site that has been up and running since 2007 in various incarnations. I am sorry to say that this theme is extremely buggy. You just resolve one issue, then another pops up.

    Finally got the serious issues sorted. had to deactivate every single one of my plugins, and revert to default wordpress theme to do so. Now find that the pages that have been up for weeks, suddenly lose half the page content when making minute tweaks. The pages keep breaking.
    No archive system, so cannot restore them. Just about to throw the lot away. Fed up.

    The live editor is crap. It breaks if you breathe in the direction of the screen.

    I get the feeling this package was not ready for release. It certainly was not tested in anything resembling a real live environment.

    • I´m sorry to hear about all the problems you had. About the Live Editor, and assuming that you aren´t using Safari or plugins that don´t enqueue JS or an old version of WordPress, the only issue I was aware of was caused by using doble quotes in your page titles, and that was solved after version 2.0.8. As for the issue you mentioned about losing half the page content, it sounds pretty strange. Are you sure that content is really lost? Have you looked for it in your database, or activated a different theme (for instance Twenty Thirteen) to check if it shows up?

  6. I do agree that it is pretty strange to lose half the contents of a page after successfully saving it multiple times. It happened 5 times. Finally I saved the page as a template, then recreated the page using the template. It seems to be working so far, but what a pain. I may be because the original was cloned from another page.

    I don’t think you can see the revisions of a page created by live editor. I can my regular pages, but not any created by live editor. So it seem OP doesn’t support better delete revisions, even though the plugin doesn’t clash.

    Plugins that don’t clash, (but don’t work with OP either)
    nectgen Gallery – OP won’t insert images hosted in a nextgen gallery
    simple 301 redirects
    google site maps
    better delete rvisions

    Every other plugin I was using breaks the live editor

    WP Lightbox editor
    WP Supe Cache
    WP Lightbox 2
    SEO Booster Pro

    Yoost SEO cannot read page content, only metadata

    Virtually all my other plugins have been deactivated except akismet, simple 301 redirects, google sitemaps and nextgen gallery (OP cannot insert images in a nextgen gallery).

    My Theme is OP. I have also installed premise to work with my nextgen galleries. It works fine, and disabling it does not make a difference.

    I am still trying to use it, and the rest of my website is limping along on OP theme, having been converted first to a twenty thirteen theme. But I am having trouble recreating the pages in OP. No, I am not using Safari – Chrome, Firefox and IE. Same result on all

    I would love it to work, but it is looking likely that I will have re-install backup to pre OP.

    BTW – the videos on their website do not play properly on any of the browsers. They don’t stream properly and stall. The supposed breadcrumb trial is a mess as well.

  7. I Cannot get an Aweber designed opt-in form (HTML) or Get-Response designed opt-in form to show up in OP Theme or Plug-in on my wp site. Only the Optimizepress opt-in box will show. I’m inserting the HTML in the Custom box. Anyone know how to get my own Aweber or Get Response designed (graphics and text optin box) to show up in OP theme or plug-in??? I have researched for hours and get get any info on this. Thanks!!

  8. The plugin is a mess… I’m gonna test it on a subdomain with a clean wp install and see how it will go… however I don’t see it working on an already built site…

  9. I found this plugin for free:

    *** Link removed by moderator to avoid piracy ***

    Is there official for free?

    • Hi Kristina,

      I´m afraid that´s not an official download link.

  10. I was thinking of investing in Optimize Press 2.0. Has anyone had a good experience with the plugin and themes? I’m only asking because I had purchased Thrive Themes yesterday and tried using it and had all kind of conflicts with their live editor. Wasn’t very friendly at all. I’m hoping someone can shed some light on the new Press 2.0. I’ll probably still buy it and see if I have the same kind of trouble I did with Thrive Themes. I’m really needing a great theme and/or plugin that is built for marketer that is user friendly. Any suggestions on other products or services?


  11. Hi Luis

    Iam using optimizepress theme.I have created one button using button designer in wordpress optimizepress Pagebuilder/Live Editor .

    now my requirement is if i click on that button,some custom javascript code has to be execute.

    how to implement this functionality?also i need to assign ID and Class to that button.How?

    where we can assign ID and Class ,and where we can write JS code?
    please help me..

  12. Please tel me is it in any way going to work

  13. Hi, I am drawn to optimizepress. I am currently using wordpress with themeforest’s SpaTreats theme. I’m also using woocommerce, Contact Form 7, Akismet, Social Media Feather, W3 Total Cache, Yoast SEO plugins. I want to keep my own theme and blogs. www.therapeutic-healing.ie. I want to do sales pages, landing pages and squeeze pages with an elearning membership portal. Is all this possible with optimizepress?


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