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Tips on How to Prevent Ad Blindness

Ad blindness is the phenomenon where website visitors consciously or subconsciously ignore advertisements. As more and more people are getting their information from blogs and online news websites, this problem is getting worse.

As a blogger you should know how to overcome this problem.

While there’s no perfect solution to it, there are some tips which can truly help you prevent ad blindness and maximize your online revenues:

Where should you place the ads?

When trying to engage your audience, the most important element to take into account is the placement of your ads. Your best option would be to place them above the fold, but where exactly? Well, the best location is decided by the location of your strongest content.

Some blogs might get the best results from a banner placed on top of each post, while others get the same results from a few 125 x 125 ads placed in the sidebar. Remember to always put yourself in the mind of your readers and find out which place would grab their attention the most.

Rotating ads often

A great way to prevent ad blindness is rotation of ads. You don’t necessarily have to switch your sponsors, but you should consider creating multiple banners of different sizes and designs. Being a WordPress user you can use one of the plugins capable of automatically rotating the ads for you, every time a user refreshes/reloads the page.

Place your ads near high-interest items

Such items include popular article lists, category lists, inspirational quotes, posts, and so on. Keep in mind that visitors’ attention is not random – it will be focused on the most important piece of content and its surrounding area.

Therefore, never place ads near irrelevant items, as the reader will not be tempted to access them. However, don’t place them very near to interesting content either, as the user might accidentally click on it and feel cheated. If such a thing keeps happening, your audience might stop trusting you.

Less is more

If you want to draw more attention to your blog/site’s ads then consider reducing their number. If you overcrowd your pages with ads then there’s a high chance that visitors will ignore them. Reduce their number and they will stand out rather than fade into the background.

The best case scenario would be the one in which you would have only one ad, as it will benefit from the highest number of clicks and the most attention. If this is not possible, try experimenting with ad placement in different places, and also try to reduce their number as much as possible.

Be creative

Finally, it is not always a good idea to use banner ads. Some blog owners have reported that they get their best click-through rates from the anchor text links spread smartly in content. This doesn’t mean a “click here” link, but rather a contextual one used in a sentence.

If you want to prevent ad blindness, you have to closely monitor your blog’s statistics. Keep an eye out for what the user is interested in and which content gets the most attention. Then, try to implement the aforementioned strategies until you get the results that you want.

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  1. Many of our readers may wonder what is that bull outline doing in the featured image thumbnail for this post, and what has it to do with Ad Blindness. If you are one of them, well then most probably you have never been to Spain.

    Those huge bulls are a perfect offline example to illustrate Hassan´s article. During the 50´s they were placed in dozens of strategic points across the roads of Spain to advertise Osborne wines (famous cellars from Jerez, home of sherry wine). Over their solid black background they only showed a couple of words: “Veterano” (a brandy) and “Osborne”.

    When billboards were banned in Spanish roads and highways in 1988, there was a large social movement asking the authorities to allow Osborne Bulls to stay, claiming that the Osborne Bull had become a symbol, almost a logo for Spain. That movement was so sucessfull that in 1997 the Supreme Court “absolved” the bulls, so you can still see them here and there all over the Spanish geography, except now they are all black with no advertising texts.

    That´s why I chose that image: it perfectly illustrates concepts like where to place ads, less is more and, specially, being creative.

    And let me tell you something: before all the billboards where removed I usually never paid any attention to any of them and never tried to read them, but I always noticed when I saw one of those bulls on the horizon!

  2. Rotating ads is probably a great tip. People might not interested in an ads, but then when it change to another ads, they might be interested with it.

    To know which position is best to locate the ads, I recommend using heatmaps tool. There are many great ones available, both free and premium.

  3. Thanks Hassan. I came to search how to prevent ad blindness and the point ‘rotating the ads’ appeals to me much. I searched the wordpress plugin which does it. Once again many thanks to the writer.

  4. Awesome Post. Adblockers are blocking a lot of Adsense Ads on my blog because the difference between Analytic Views and Adsense Views is considerable. I will try to move to Native Advertising asap.


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