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WordPress SEO vs All In One SEO Pack: The Facts

During the past year we have seen many posts comparing the two main plugins for SEO: WordPress SEO by Yoast and All In One SEO Pack. On those posts the pros and cons of both plugins were pointed out, as were the different tastes and experiences of their authors and of the readers who commented them. There are even posts telling you how to migrate from one plugin to the other, like this post from last December on WP Mayor.

So I don´t plan to write just one more post giving you my personal opinion and backing it up with technical details. If you want to know it, I prefer WordPress SEO by Yoast and that is what I´m using for this website.

I should say that I consider All in One SEO Pack a great plugin though. I have used it and I liked it, and I still keep it on some of my clients sites because they are happy with it and they don´t want to spend any time getting acquainted to another plugin. They already feel they are doing something quite natural by filling out the fields provided by this plugin whenever they write a new post, just in the same way they have done it so far.

That said, I´ll let you know that the approach I´m taking today is not based on opinions and experiences but on facts. What I´ll consider is which one of these two plugins is more popular now, and also which one is more popular when it comes to the most popular sites.


And the winner is…. WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Why am I so sure about it? Let me explain myself.

If we want to talk about facts and not about opinions, what objective data do we have to choose from? I guess most of you would agree that the main candidate figures would be available through the WordPress Plugin Directory, namely:

  • The number of times each plugin was downloaded
  • The star rating for each plugin

Now if we were to use those figures, we would get that All in One SEO Pack has been downloaded 4 times more than WordPress SEO by Yoast (13,315,144 downloads vs. 3,216,248 at the time this post is being written). On the other hand, WordPress SEO by Yoast hits 4.7 out of 5 stars, against 3.8 out of 5 stars for All in One SEO Pack.

What does this mean? Is this a tied match because one plugin clearly wins when considering downloads but the other wins if we consider the star rating? I don´t think so.

Let´s talk about downloads

The first thing we should take into account is that All in One SEO Pack has been around for much longer than WordPress SEO by Yoast , which no doubt is a good reason for such a large difference in the number of downloads.

But I´ve also carried out a little experiment. I was writing  this post yesterday with the idea of publishing it right away, but then thought it better and I decided to take note of the number of downloads for each plugin and do the same thing today at about the same hour, so we could compare not the difference in total  downloads but in terms of daily downloads (of course I know that this is not too scientific since I´m only considering one 24 hour period, but I chose a day at random and I thing it will be appropriate enough to get an idea of what is happening).

Then I made a table with the results I´ve got:

Plugin Downloads Today Downloads Yesterday Difference Growth %
All in One SEO Pack 13,315,144 13,306,462 8,682 0.065%
WordPress SEO by Yoast 3,216,248 3,202,111 14,137 0.441%

What we see here is that in this 24 hours WordPress SEO by Yoast had many more downloads that All in One SEO Pack (more than 1,6 times) but, what is more important, the daily rate at which the number of downloads is growing for this plugin is almost 7 times greater than for All in One SEO Pack. To me this is a clear indication about WordPress SEO by Yoast becoming a much more popular plugin.

What about the ratings?

The rating figures we saw before clearly show that WordPress SEO by Yoast gets a better rating than All in One SEO Pack. But I believe that there is something else that should be pointed out about the ratings. Let´s take a closer look at how they are calculated. This is what was shown a moment ago on the WordPress Plugin Directory for each one of these plugins:

All in One SEO Pack WordPress SEO by Yoast
All-In-One-SEO-Pack-ratings WordPress-SEO-By-Yoast-ratings

WordPress SEO not only gets a better general rating, there are a lot more people willing to give it a 5 stars score! And also, we should not forget that this plugin has been around for much less time than the other one. There is another interesting point to consider as well: at the same time there are fewer users rating this plugin low.

Taking all this into account leads me to hold what I said before, the winner seems to be WordPress SEO by Yoast. But, since this blog happens to be on a website which features an online tool that tells the plugin being used by WordPress sites, let´s take advantage of it to get some more facts!

What we´re finding on WordPress sites

On the sidebar menu of this website you may find the links to our Top 10 Plugins and Top 20 Plugins reports. These reports show on a table the 10 or 20 plugins which have been more frequently discovered by our plugin detection tools.

Our experience tells us that the websites investigated by our detector usually lie on several different classes: the most popular WP sites, the user´s own site, the most appealing sites in terms of  design, etc. For the purpose of this post that means that our databases are filled with information about the WordPress themes and plugins used by either popular sites or random sites, which makes it ideal to get a hint about actual trends.

So here you have a screenshot of the top part of our Top 10 Plugins report for today:


Again, the winner is WordPress SEO by Yoast, which also is the number 1 plugin, not only among the SEO plugins, it is the plugin we have detected more often on the sites our users wanted to check. All in One SEO Pack is at this moment ranking third since the also very popular Contact Form 7 is placed in between the two plugins we are comparing here.

For those who are not familiar with our site, the percentages shown on our report stand for the number of times a plugin was found throughout the total queries performed by our WPThemeDetector. For example, out of a thousand times we detected a plugin in a site, 60 times the plugin found was WordPress SEO by Yoast.


From the facts we have presented and discussed on this post I believe that WordPress SEO by Yoast should not only be considered a more successful plugin than All in One SEO Pack at the present moment, I also think that we may expect its success to grow further, thus widening the popularity gap between both plugins at least while All in One SEO Pack does not react with the release a newer and improved version.

January 11th, 2013 UPDATE:

Just to make sure, I waited for another 24 hours and then checked the number of downloads for each plugin again. This is what I´ve got now:

Plugin Downloads Jan 11 Downloads Jan 10 Difference Growth %
All in One SEO Pack 13,323,924 13,315,144 8,780 0.066%
WordPress SEO by Yoast 3,229,395 3,216,248 13,147 0.409%

We can see how our assumptions and predictions seem to point in the right direction. The number of downloads for WordPress SEO by Yoast is slighty higher than a day ago, while it is lower for All In One SEO Pack.

What about you? Do you agree with my interpretations of this facts? Please use the comment section to express your opinion!

Luis Alejandre


  1. Good analysis. Even when I launched my business site, I installed this plugin and everything looked good since them. But, a few days back, I got some serious problem. I was repeatedly getting 500 error from the server side. I contacted my host (hostgator) and they said, I was touching their hosting limits. but how come? Mine was just a one and half month old site with hardly 10 visits everyday. Then they said, the primary culprit was WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin since it was generating too many queries and using too many resources. I was really unhappy to work without that useful plugin, I deactivated it upon their requests and since then, no such prob occurred. I have again reactivated it and want to see how it goes before I completely delete it.

    Any thought on this?

    • Hi Kalyan

      I´ve never heard of such a problem. It looks like you need more PHP memory. You may try to increase the WordPress memory limit in wp-config.php by adding this line: define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M');
      If that does not work, try increasing the allocated memory for PHP in your php.ini file. If you don´t have access to it, just add a file with that name and define memory_limit to a higher value.

      If you still don´t get results, you might need to change your hosting (or at least your hosting plan and limits). I don´t think it is a good idea to get rid of the WordPress SEO plugin for these reasons. I would change my hosting instead (supposing the above tips don´t work).

      • Hi, Luis,

        I’ve been having the same issues as Kalyan. Before they occurred i even have had my database optimized, all my site images (tinypng and ImageOptim), i’ve also installed w3 supercahe…

        So i’ll try to fix with your advise. Thanks!

        • Luis,

          Just to let you know i’ve made a huge improvement on the speed load time of the site. Pages load really smooth now. Tahnks!

  2. I received a very rude email from Yoast directly which I shall not relay here. I changed my mind on an SEO site makeover and he really laid into me – going on about how important he was and how he didn’t need my business as he looks after only the Fortune 500 companies. I thought, “Gee. What the -?” Great for him if it’s true and i’ll gladly use his free plugs, but in this case, I don’t care how popular the pug is – my All in One works fine. Having said that, the incentive to go Pro is too small. I went Pro for a year and saw almost no benefit. Access to the forums was great, but it was all a bit quiet and i only got a few extra fields to fill in with the Pro version. so it’s free all the way for me. Conversion is more important than popularity imho.

  3. I think the All in One SEO (new release) is more suitable for beginners as Yoast has a lot of settings to configure before you get started. Check out my website at http://www.baldwinitsolutions.com and have a look at my WordPress Blog also.

  4. all in one seo is more friendly and more easy to use for begginers but we need what is best for the seo i have looking for long but still i didnt find who is the best one because half recomend all in one seo and harf yoast.

    • Hi John,

      I totally agree. It’s really up to the individual’s preference I think. Both are really great plugins for your web design project.

  5. Yoast seems like the obvious choice!

    • I 100% disagree. It’s too complicated. A lot of clients who get to number 1 on Google don’t convert the traffic into sales. SEO is a fad and focuses on search engines not people. Google has made clear what it thinks of SEO. I prefer the extremely simple all-in-one plugin – so it’s done and then I can concentrate on converting visitors into paying customers for my clients. Yoast is too obsessive and full of self-importance. All-in-one is much more subtle.

      • SEO is a fad? LOL!!! Like the car and airplane maybe?

  6. I actually recently dumped both of them on all my sites recently. SEO by Yoast sucks up major bandwidth and, like the first person who commented, I was told by my hosting service to delete it (had my site knocked off line 3 times while using it due to using “too much bandwidth” at peak times.

    Then I used All in One SEO Pack. Did an update yesterday to the new version and, all of a sudden, Googlebot can no longer find my site. Deleted it and Googlebot is now working fine.

    personally, unless you’re a newbie or just don’t understand SEO, I don’t know why a plugin is really necessary. On my main sites, I haven’t ever used an SEO plugin yet they all show up on page 1 for most of my main keywords.

  7. Both are best, SEO depend on your content.

    • Yoast has more option, AIO is also best but Yoast also better.

    • Yes, I agree too with you that content is the king but it would also be not wrong getting a best SEO plugin is crutial.

  8. According to my point of view : All in One Seo is good for those bloggers who are firstly joined the Blogging in their carrier and Good for Bloggers who have been in this line from years of time.

  9. I love Yoast. Its really great and powerful.

  10. Although the number of downloads for All in One SEO is higher than yoasts. but what I believe that both are outstanding in different scenario.

    • Both of them can render a site invisible to search engines. Google hates SEO period as the whole industry has led to inauthentic sites written for robots and not people. I’ve ditched my plugs (I used both) and now I’m enjoying much higher rankings in search.

      • I´m quite surprised about that experience of yours.

        My particular point of view is that, as long as you choose the right keywords for your content instead of the right content for your keywords, those plugins may help you a lot.

        I use to joke about this saying that too often SEO stands for “Simple English Override”. Therefore I think SEO should be used without “SEOing” the content.

        • Sometimes you want the page title to be different than the apparent title. All in one is good for that kind of finicky-ness – but a really well tuned robots.txt file made the biggest difference to me. G

  11. I have a very bad experience with WP SEO by Yoast. My site used to have 8 positions out of ten on the first Google page and suddenlig, right after I’ve installed WP SEO by Yoast, my site does NOT rank any more on the first google page, it appears just one position on the second page. Had a conversation with Yoast and he started blaming my theme, I do not think this is the problem. Then he wanted me to pay for having a reviw on my site. I just think i will have to uninstall this plugin and use my site without it. It’s really anoying that when I use this SEO plugin by Yoast I then loose all my rankings on Google. Have any body had the same issue?

    • Yes, upon my switch to WordPress SEO by Yoast back 8 months, my ranking of 1.07 million dropped down to 6.05 million. This is just web ranking alone.

      Un-returnable and I notice the website loads really slowly after Yoast.

      I think this program is probably the ideal Plugin to ensure your website sinks into oblivion of darkness.

      For those looking for an SEO plugin, choose AIO, Yoast is like a fat-fcuk on steroids like like their companies cartoon graphic mascot. If it looks fat, feels fat, it will choke up your arteries in due course.

  12. Ranking a plugin using this method holds no water. First we are dealing with people and people are always going for the new thing, the next wave and most make thee decisions based on a ‘herd’ mentality. I use both but on my site and some select clients I use AIO SEO. It helps tpo know what you are doing first.

  13. i recently changed to All In One. I find Yoast has too many ‘sitemap’ issues. If you don’t use Webmaster Tools you’ll probably think all is well, but with the right tools you’ll see the errors. I prefer the simplicity of All In One now that I’ve changed. Yoast caused loss of traffic and invisibility issues with websites. Yoast is over rated. Goodbye Yoast.

  14. In my opinion, i only prefer Yoast….Simple and having sitemaps function

  15. But i am fully with your research. But i am using all in one seo plugin and this help me ranking my website in just 4 days.. My website is very less competition. I only put descripion and keywords and my website is now ranked in first page.

  16. Thanks for sharing this post for us about the wordpress SEo by Yoast.
    I always follow ur blog for the purpose of blogging & Seriously I Learn Alot.

    By the Way I have one doubt between All in One SEO/Wordpress SEO by Yoast which one is Best & WhY?

    Reply Me ASAP…

    • Hi Rohit,

      Like I said at the beginning of this post, it was not about my own opinion. I also said that I prefer Yoast´s plugin, but at the same time I keep using All in One for some client sites.

      If you check your question throughout the Internet, you´ll never get a definitive answer. Some people prefer one of them and some the other, and both groups are right in many senses. At least, I understand both when I see their reasons.

      Thanks a lot for following our blog.

  17. Hey!

    Nice write up. I have a question though. I noticed Yoast SEO is okay but the sitemap has always been a huge issue for me. At times, it will just ‘fail’ on me and I know it happens to many too.

    I can’t seem to find the answer. Does All In One SEO offers Video sitemap? This is because my site has some videos which…it would be great if AIOSEO has.

    Subscribed to comments!


    • Hi Reginald,

      Yes, Yoast WordPress SEO sitemap issue has become a classic. Many people are reporting these kind of issues. In my particular case I´ve found that they can be solved through the XML Sitemaps settings of the plugin by excluding what is causing the problems as reported by Google Analytics, but I can´t tell about other people´s issues with sitemaps.

      About your question for All In One and video sitemap I honestly don´t know, it´s been a while since I last checked the available features of that plugin.

    • I know it’s been some time since this post and the question probably has been answered, but I’d like to add that, yes, AIOSEO includes a Video XML Sitemap in the Pro version of the plugin.

  18. Thanks for the post. I just bought my hosting space and domain and preparing to start wp site. There are lot of SEO plugins present now and it is very difficult for a beginner like me to decide which one to use.

  19. Thanks, A very useful information .

  20. Those analytics the only that tell me is that WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin it getting kind of most popular, but you should check also their support on the plugin repository at WordPress, they just almost lack of support!!! And if they have bugs, then you are completely on your own. I prefer AIOSP as is and old and trustful plugin.

    • Thank you, Angello. We appreciate your support.

  21. I had far better experience with Yoast than I had with All in One SEO pack.

    • Hi, same here. I prefer YOAST as well.

  22. Very interesting article, I just use the Yoast plugin, before using the plugin All In One Seo In Pack. Can you help me to give a tutorial on optimize setting Yoast plugin step by step into the email. thank you very much for the help. Best Regards

  23. I have been using Yoast until recently when it has been responsible for crashing a couple of my sites and suffocating the available memory.. makes no difference if you increase it in php.ini etc, only solution is unfortunately to delete the plugin that all was fine again!

  24. Good Work.. I Appreciate it.. Well.. I am using WordPress SEO from 1 year.. It is good. everything is fine. But from many days i am reading some articles about All in one SEO. And these made me confused. I have not used this plugin before. I am wishing to use it. But plz tell changing seo plugin will affect current seo status for my website. or WordPress SEO is best for my website. Here is my website you can check it and suggest me any good idea. http://www.enstructive.com
    Advance thanx for help.. 🙂

    • Hi Mirza,

      If WordPress SEO is working ok for you, just keep using it and concentrate on other things such as the quality of your content, rather than on what plugin you should use for SEO.

      • Thanks for you suggestion.. 🙂

  25. which one is best all in one seo or yoast seo plugin ?

    • Like I´ve said before, it depends on your own needs and on who you´re asking that question.
      I would not recommend one over the other as a general advice. I´m using WordPress SEO for this site, but I also understand why other people prefer AIO SEO Pack. If you are not familiar with any of them, probably you´ll find that AIO seems more intuitive (or at least it used to, I haven´t checked the last versions).

  26. All in one SEO for the win. I don’t like WordPress SEO so much i think it is bloated with not so useful features and the plugin is harder to use for a beginner. AIOS is simple but all features are useful. Infact you can download another plugin for the features that AIOS don’t have.

    • Thank you, @monv – we don’t include every feature of other SEO plugins, because we only include what we think is necessary. Thank you for your support.

  27. Hi, I use All in One Pro and am reluctant to change; however, I certainly will if Yoast has more and better (and successful obviously) features. Can you perhaps outline the differences and similarities between these? That’s Yoast and the Pro version of AIO, many thanks.

    • Hi Chris,
      I´m not familiar with the Pro version on All in One SEO Pack. As I´ve already said in other comments, I´d recommend focussing on other aspects of your SEO if you´re happy with the plugin you´re already using for that.

      • The Pro version has a Video XML sitemap and you have support for categories, tags, and custom taxonomies. There are a few other differences as well. Please check the semperplugins.com website for more information.

  28. Can we have both plugins installed?

    • I don´t think that would be advisable, Jane.

  29. I prefer the All in One SEO by Yoast, It is cool and very good plugin, but it seems advance.

  30. Your intention for this article is beneficial for SEO people. I am interested in this kind of topic specially discussed by an expert. I know that SEO is still a big part of 2014 online marketing world. Though this year many big updates have been pressed but I know site owners take it as part of the play. Despite the fact that sometimes it’s infuriating but there’s nothing in reality can do about it apart from hold close and do your best to achieve your goal in online marketing. And make your business grow. It’s good that sometimes we need to hear others point of view because it may be guided as we go our way. Great article and thank you for sharing!

  31. Hi, Luis
    Great Site, but i am still confused about them should i use all in one seo pack or wordpress seo yoast seo plugin. Actually i am using yoast on http://www.seodotjuna.com first i installed seo pack it was working great my all posts were on top in google. But now it appears on second page all of them on second page i am using seo by yoast i don’t know where is problem.

    • I always recommend to use whatever plugin you´re more comfortable with, and also whatever works best in your particular case.

      • Hi Luis,
        Hmm ok i understand thanks once again.

  32. Thank you for this good analysis.
    I tried both before i stayed at the SEO Tool by Yoast. I’m sure it will keep this high download rates and it will get more popular. The ratings for the SEO Tool by Yoast are much better but not because of few votes, the number of votes is higher than the number of votes for the AIOSEO.

    Best regard!

  33. Good analysis and the best I come across yet, this is enough to convince me to stay with Yoast. THX

  34. Well, what else can i say? this table said it all. I can’t really say for sure which plugin is the best, but seriously, am confused! which one should i go for?

    • I´m sorry if it looks like I´m repeating myself, but use whatever plugin you´re more comfortable with and concentrate on other aspects of your SEO. Both of them are great plugins. I´m using WordPress SEO by Yoast in my particular case, but I also understand why other people use All In One SEO Pack. Seriously, there´s a lot more to SEO than what plugin you´re using (although of course using a good plugin helps a lot).

  35. when i install this plugin then it is asking for “You’ve just installed WordPress SEO by Yoast. Please helps us improve it by allowing us to gather anonymous usage stats so we know which configurations, plugins and themes to test with” Allow Tracking or not, what should i do,
    Allow tracking or not.

    • It is really up to you. The plugin will work for you in the same fashion, whether you allow that tracking or not.

  36. I have applied the plug-in settings thank you very much for the information you give

  37. I was using both a time.. then only yoast.. am buying traffic as well as doing proper SEO… one issue that is coming up again and again after deleting sEO all in 1; is of cannolization… Within yoast and wordpress site, it says its working fine, but on the seositecheckup and other websites like that is this issue is currently residing.. am getting my head spin over it… can ya confirm me if i am facing cannolization issue or not.. my website is www.goodhealthyworld.com… Please its a big problem for me.. help me out here

    • any update on this issue

  38. im using Yoast SEO Plugin on my site www.dailynewscompany.com but someone said that install Easy WP SEO Plugin for better results on same site, now my question is that can i use both on my site ?

    • Hi Mehreen,

      I´m not familiar with Easy WP SEO Plugin, but I always recommend to use just one plugin for SEO.

    • You should never use two SEO plugins on the same website. Your SEO configuration can be exported and migrated, so if you split your SEO configuration and content between plugins, you’ll have problems in the future when trying to export, if that’s necessary. Also, in general, most SEO plugins provide similar base features – Title, Description, Canonical URLs, and keyword fields. If you’re working in one SEO plugin, then you want to keep all your data in that specific plugin. Plus, it’s not advisable to have two XML sitemaps for one site. You should only register one sitemap with Google Webmaster Tools. That XML sitemap should come from your primary SEO plugin.

  39. Nice analysis thanks a lot for sharing with us….

  40. I am also using all in one seo pack plugin. You can add another seo tools serplab.co.uk to check the result of Google SERP of any website. I have used many tools to check my site’s health in Google SERP. But it is totally free better than any premium seo tools.

  41. All in one SEO for the win. I don’t like WordPress SEO so much i think it is bloated with not so useful features and the plugin is harder to use for a beginner. AIOS is simple but all features are useful. Infact you can download another plugin for the features that AIOS don’t have.

    • Thank you!

  42. Sorry to say but Yoast has problems and it’s constant updates are annoying. When I bring these issues to them they tell me to buy the premium version but why would I buy it if there are so many issues with this plugin? I suggest the fix their URL issues on this plugin before they continue to tell people to buy from them. Also ratings don’t matter anymore, people can pay for ratings so unless there are true reviews posted I don’t care about starts being posted.

  43. Yoast encourages keyword stuffing, based on selecting a “focus keyword”, then prompting you to use that exact key phrase in multiple places in the content (title, description, H1, img alt attributes, etc.).

    • AIOSEO purposely leaves out any keyword density optimization, because that is no longer relevant to Google. It’s a mystery why some good SEO experts still believe keyword density is a ranking signal. But it is what it is!

  44. Your post was really useful. I have a customer wanting to go to WP SEO by Yost. After reading the war stories, it won’t be my recommendation. One thing to note about your post though, is you chose WP SEO based on downloads, and ratings. I think it would better if you base your decisions on results.

    • This post just takes a different point of view, there are lots of articles based on results out there. As I said at the beginning of the post:

      I don´t plan to write just one more post giving you my personal opinion and backing it up with technical details

    • That’s a very good point!

  45. Very interesting article, I just use the Yoast plugin, before using the plugin All In One Seo In Pack. Can you help me to give a tutorial on optimize setting Yoast plugin step by step into the email. thank you very much for the help. Best Regards

  46. I am using All In One SEO plugin on my blog, working fine so far.
    Thanks for sharing this comparison.

  47. Great SEO tips!

  48. im using all in opne SEO pack Plugin . some one said me use YOAST plugin for better result in seo . so plz tell me is this more better as compare to all in one SEO pack .? or something different?

    • Hi Kapil,
      This is becoming a recurring question in the comments to this post, so I´ll give you the same answer I already wrote for a previous comment:

      Like I´ve said before, it depends on your own needs and on who you´re asking that question.
      I would not recommend one over the other as a general advice. I´m using WordPress SEO for this site, but I also understand why other people prefer AIO SEO Pack. If you are not familiar with any of them, probably you´ll find that AIO seems more intuitive (or at least it used to, I haven´t checked the last versions).

  49. Good article, Luis.
    Recently, I was googling about a 2-tail keyword.
    What surprised me was a site that ranks 1st google without backlinks and social signals at all beating the other sites with a lot of backlinks.
    After I analyze it, the key is the all in one seo plugin. So I look for information about the best SEO plugin.
    Your analysis is quite helpful.
    But for me myself, more important is what plugin to help a site achieve good ranking in google, not merely how many download it, features, stars etc.. So it would be nice, if you also analyze the plugin which improves ranking better. Many thanks.

  50. Great analysis.I also use WordPress Seo by Yoast.WordPress Seo is good plugin for wordpress blog.

  51. thanks for shearing such a wonderful article with us, but i think their is on effect of using one of these plugin in your site if your back links and SEO is good then there is no need of using better plugin you can use any one of them both is good.

  52. I think it is very tough to tell about which one is best, but I using these two on my website. All in One Seo is very helpful in micro blogging, but if working in long term website then I always prefer Yoast, it is best for long term websites.

  53. Hi Kalyan,

    I was having exactly same problem and I also contacted multiple time to Host gator, what they said is its due to W3 Total cache and seo plugin as well, but what I also found that having more inodes that the limit also may be the reason, because what support guy had done is he had extracted my entire back up file in my folder and that had increased the inodes, I deleted all those file and then its not hogging the process limit now, check if you have similar issue.I also uninstalled w3 Total cache and used WP super cache.so it seem it all due to combination problem, even I am not happy with hostgator performance. Check any of below site. fridayfirstshow.com or seotoolfree.com shopphoneonline.com

  54. SEO Yoast is better than All in One Seo ,only problem with SEO yoast is that some time it only ranks for the Focus keywords used .

  55. Nice write up. i was wondering which one is the best to use, but with this i think i have found one. thanks.

  56. Great Post

    i just feel get a new lesson about this. I’m waiting to read the next updates of the your analysis ..

  57. i am using all in seo plugin . i think the main reason of using this plugin over wordpress seo by yoast that this is very easy to use and all main things are easy to find . im using this plugin on my www.OnlineTashan.com site and its getting very good popularity and indexing .

  58. SEO Yoast is better than All in One Seo ,only problem with SEO yoast is that some time it only ranks for the Focus keywords used .

  59. I think it is very tough to tell about which one is best, but I using these two on my website. All in One Seo is very helpful in micro blogging, but if working in long term website then I always prefer Yoast, it is best for long term websites.

  60. I really like the way how you handle this comparison but you may got a wrong result because you’re mainly measuring popularity – and who will give you the guarantee that the crowd made the right choice for you?

    I prefer All in one Seo because it has a nice inline editor and more options for sites. Actually All in one seo rating is 3,9 thanks to more 5 star ratings. I think that this pluggy deserves it. Maybe many people choose Yoast because of it’s nice splashy colorful images and likes because of it without having a clue about the good-bad-functionality thing.

    • Thanks, Adrian! We hear you. If you need anything, let us know!

  61. Hello,

    I am using both and my favor one is All in One SEO Pack, as a SEO consultant it helped me to rank keywords in Google top 5.

    • I Used AiO Pro too..
      It’s a good plugin when i have.

  62. good analysis,, its very helpful for me.. 😀

  63. hello im using seo by yoast on my site brightverge.com but not receiving better results but one of my friend suggest me wp easy seo plugin so plz tell me can i use two seo plugins on single site ? plz help

  64. I’m using yoast plugin & its best for all blog. I also recommended yoast to my fellows.

  65. I believe that SEO plugins are just plugins, if we don’t know how to use them. Talking of number of downloads and ratings doesn’t mean that a plugin are better than another, It’s rather talk of how easy the setup is, how good and easy it is for novice users, how good the support is, how rich the features are and so on and so on. You can never compare SEO plugins based on their effects to your site rankings, as they do nothing but help your SEO efforts (onpage SEO, especially), making it easy to set up things automatically and reduce pains of manual setup. And I agree with you Luis, there´s a lot more to SEO than what plugin you´re using.

    • This is an excellent point, @ahmad. It’s important to note that SEO plugins allow you to better manage your SEO. No SEO plugin can guarantee a better ranking, but we can help you get there. There are many signals for Google to rank a site high, including pagespeed, mobile responsive theme, ssl, Flesch readability, long form quality content. An SEO plugin is going to help you do a few things well, but at the end of the day, there is far more to SEO than a plugin. In terms of a plugin, we do our best to provide an excellent user interface with help icons to find information about each feature. We have both free and Pro support. And, we’re following Google Webmaster Tools requirements to the letter. We believe in providing the best tools for the job, not stuffing the tool with extraneous features that, at the end of the day, have little to no impact on your site’s SEO.

  66. This is just awesome
    thanks for sharing

  67. Hi Luis Alejandre,i checked your plugin ,found you,are using WordPress SEO by Yoast.I believe both plugins are excellent.

  68. Eu prefiro o WordPress Seo By Yoast

  69. I prefer yoast because have more function optimalization but all in one use many sites

  70. We certainly appreciate the review, which is actually now quite dated. We hope WPThemeDetector will update this post sometime in the future. There are going to be distinct differences with all SEO plugins and ratings/rankings, while somewhat useful, never tell the overall story. It’s better to work with the plugin you want to test in a staging environment. Feel it out. See if it has all the features that meet your requirements. Then decide.

  71. Hello sir, I have a problem with my domain title, I am using WordPress SEO By yoast, my domain title is not showing correct title that I am using in Yoast Plugin.
    I tell you completely about my setting.
    In WordPress Dashboard “Setting >> General, site title and tag line is empty.
    In yoast Plugin, SEO >> Title & Metas >> Home Page, Title template = “Happy New Year 2016” but Google show Happy New Year 2015, this is my previous Home page title. and 2nd problem.
    I am using Post type= %%title%% but Google show also Home page title with post title.
    e.g Happy New Year Wishes for Parents – Happy New Year 2015
    I don’t show home page title with post title. Please guide me.

    thanks in advance.

    Areesha Noor!

  72. Hello, I have a problem with all SEO in one pack plugin, when I activated the plugin there was problem with my theme conflict, I am using licensed theme. Can you tell me something about this problem?

  73. After two years of blogging experience, I can say that All in One is better and simple. I’ve also used Yoast, but for me All in one is much better

  74. WordPress SEO is the best one and works very well in optimizing the SEO

  75. Hi Luis,

    After a long time I got the right solution of my problem. You are giving the best comparison between this Yoast SEO and All in One SEO plugins.

    Thanks for sharing.

  76. Thanks for this post. after checking this post.i brought Yoast SEO premium. It’s best and has advanced features, Mainly i like its Content Analysis feature. All in one seo pack is simple.

  77. I’ve been seeing alot of complaints about bloat on Yoast the freebie. Anybody heard anything from anyone on this? So far all in one is working for me.

  78. Which one is best all in one seo or yoast seo plugin ?

  79. Hello Luis,
    Its a very good analysis.But at the same time I’m still confused which one is best. Both of the plugins are so good that’s why the users sometimes scratching their head when they have to pick one of the plugin.
    Personally ,I love both of the plugins.And still satisfy to know more people are there like me.

    Thank You

  80. I would like to prefer Yoast

  81. I’m using Yoast plugin & its best for all blogger for on page SEO. I also recommended yeast to all professional blogger.

  82. when it come to wordpress seo, the yoast plugin is boss

  83. I’m using Yoast plugin and I think its better than All in SEO plugin.

  84. As I have been using Yoast SEO plugin and which works perfectly great but I recently found some issues with a sitemap and which created a great problem for me to index my pages over the web.


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