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All Top Ten WordPress themes are premium now

If you´re a regular visitor of this site, you already know about our Top WordPress Themes reports. They are automatically generated based only on statistics, using data obtained from all the site analysis performed by our WordPress Theme Detector tool.

Our Top Themes report is therefore an unbiased way of ranking WordPress themes based on their popularity, since it shows the themes that have been more frequently discovered by our theme detection tools, after millions of searches started by tons of thousands of users from all over the world.

Given their statistical quality, I personally like to check our “top” reports every once in a while in order to get a picture of how the WordPress ecosystem is going, and to try to learn about tendencies regarding popularity of themes and plugins. Well, I have to admit that I am in a privileged position since you only have access to the top reports for the present day, while I can always dig into our database, gather historical data and compare things from different moments.

No free themes appear among the top ten anymore

A couple of days ago I realized there was something new on the Top Themes report: the most popular free WordPress theme was no longer among the top ten. In other words, all Top 10 themes are premium themes at this moment.

There used to be always at least one free theme among the top ten. Just a year ago, for instance, Twenty Twelve was #8 instead of #11 as it shows nows, no longer being part of the top ten WordPress themes.

I´ve checked our records and collected historical data in order to picture the evolution of free themes among the top ten themes during the last 5 years, comparing the current situation with data for mid-December from 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013. Their evolution is presented in the following table:

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
#3 Twenty Twelve
#4 Twenty Eleven Twenty Twelve
#6 Twenty Ten Twenty Twelve
#8 Twenty Eleven Twenty Twelve

Four years ago, in mid-December 2013, we had 3 free WordPress themes among the top ten. Twenty Twelve was near the very top, occupying the third place, and it was closely followed by Twenty Eleven as #4 and Twenty Ten on the sixth position. Then the following year we only had 2 free themes on the top ten, and by the end of 2015 only one free theme remained there. And then, after a couple of years where premium themes have been gaining ground against free themes, by the end of 2017 we finally find that all of the top ten themes are premium now.

By the way, another conclusion to be noted is that, beginning with Twenty Thirteen, free default WordPress themes have never been as successful as their predecessors, as none of them made it to the top ten list. Twenty Fourteen is now on the 20th position, while Twenty Thirteen is #23.

Apart form Twenty Twelve, Twenty Thirteen and Twenty Fourteen, there is only one more free theme left among the current top 25: Hueman, in the 21st position. This theme, however, has a Pro version now, so I guess it should be considered more as a freemium theme from now on. In any case, we would be talking about just 4 free themes among the current top 25 themes, which means that 21 of them, i.e. the vast majority of the top 25 list, are premium themes.

The current Top Ten WordPress Themes

The current situation for the Top Ten WordPress Themes, as of mid-December, 2017, is as shown on the list below.

Top Ten WordPress Themes as of mid-December, 2017

Click on screenshots or links to get more info about the themes and their providers

#1 top-ten-wordpress-themes-genesis-screenshot Genesis By: StudioPress
#2 top-ten-wordpress-themes-divi-screenshot Divi By: Elegant Themes
#3 top-ten-wordpress-themes-avada-screenshot Avada By: ThemeFusion
#4 top-ten-wordpress-themes-newspaper-screenshot Newspaper By: tagDiv
#5 top-ten-wordpress-themes-enfold-screenshot Enfold By: Kriesi
#6 top-ten-wordpress-themes-sahifa-screenshot Sahifa By: TieLabs
#7 top-ten-wordpress-themes-salient-screenshot Salient By: ThemeNectar
#8 top-ten-wordpress-themes-betheme-screenshot Betheme By: Muffin group
#9 top-ten-wordpress-themes-x-screenshot X By: Themeco
#10 top-ten-wordpress-themes-optimizepress-screenshot OptimizePress By: OptimizePress

7 themes out of the top ten are sold through Themeforest

Another thing that caught my attention is that 7 out of the 10 top WordPress themes are from theme authors or providers who sell through the Themeforest marketplace.

As a matter of fact, apart from the almighty Genesis theme (that has always been on the top position), the very successful Divi theme that occupies the second place, and the OptimizePress theme especialized in online marketers that closes this top ten list, the rest of these themes, all #3 through #9 in a row, are themes sold through Themeforest. The first of them is the popular Avada theme, that has been on the third position for a couple of years now.

Digging further in our database, I found these interesting facts that can illustrate the evolution:

  • A year ago there were 6 Themeforest themes among the top ten, instead of 7 (Betheme being the new one this year, with a fast ascend by the way).
  • Two years ago only half of the top ten themes were available through Themeforest, one less than a year later (X by Themeco was the one that hadn´t made it yet to the top ten by mid-December 2015).
  • As for 2014 and 2013, the mid-December 2015 records show that there were just 3 Themeforest themes among the top ten during those years. Very popular themes like Newspaper, Enfold or Salient hadn´t climbed that far yet before 2014, although they were on their way.

Furthermore, if we search in the current top 25 list instead of in the top 10 list, we would realize that 15 out of the 21 premium themes found among the top 25 are themes available through Themeforest. That means more than 70% of the top premium themes, which follows the same situation found in the top ten (7 out of 10).


It clearly looks like WordPress users find that a premium theme is a valuable asset for their websites, as the most popular themes are all premium these days.

During the last few years, the WordPress ecosystem has been evolving towards a preference for premium themes over free themes.

Another noticeable tendency is the important share of the top premium theme market being held by Themeforest (around 70% at the moment). Over the years, the number of top premium themes available from authors that sell through that marketplace has been continuously increasing.

At any rate, given their typical prices, a good premium theme seems to be a good investment for any comercial website.

What do you think about the evolution of the premium theme market? Let us know through the comments.

This article includes affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them we might be compensated monetarily. Your price, however, will be the same as the one you would get by accessing the third party product directly.

Luis Alejandre

Luis is the creator of the WPThemeDetector tool and the chief editor of this blog. You can read more about Luis in our About page.
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  1. Great Information.
    Although, We are using Newspaper, but it seems it is not SEO friendly theme,What your thought about Newspaper Theme?

  2. Great Infomation we are using a newspaper , okey again thankls for sharing

  3. Very Informative. Can you guys have an article for Themes with the largest percentage increase and decrease.

  4. Interesting findings, guys.
    As you said, seems like the commercial websites owners know the value and possibilities of the premium WordPress themes.

  5. As someone who uses the Genesis framework for my own website and for several clients, I feel more comfortable knowing that they constantly update their work, they’re extendable, secure, and easy to update. Not to mention the child themes give you a lot of options to build off of.

    So I’m not surprised that more and more people are deciding to go down this path. It makes sense – especially for people who have little to zero experience with coding.

    • Hello, it works well. How is Genesis and StudioPress working in? Like any theme? I am not using English much.

    • Build on, not build off of. That expression doesn’t exist.

  6. Sahifa is very good

  7. Its really true.The trends are also visible in our users too.
    The main reasons are delay in page load or page speed . Premium really makes an edge.
    Most probably Free are not updated & hence the associated threats.
    So Premium in word press is good choice for serious business.

  8. I found this post very interesting!

    I am currently working like a mad hornet on launching my online business this month. And I’ve found it difficult to choose a well-coded theme.

    When I find a theme that has all the boxes or containers I want and looks great, I analyze the demo site using the Google PageSpeed tool.

    And with the exception of only two themes, they don’t seem to perform up to Google’s standards, including the ever popular X Theme. They all get a rating between 30’s and 60’s.

    The only exceptions I have found to this is the Generate Press theme and the Astra theme. Both of these themes get over 85 with Google PageSpeed tool.

    Google PageSpeed did not find any significant flaws with the coding and the optimization of these two themes.

    If I know little about theme development and I know about this tool, why aren’t more theme developers making sure that their themes live up to Google’s expectations?

    It’s nice to be pretty, but I want pretty with clean code and amazing performance. Is this too much to ask for?

    Please enlighten me, because I really want to get a good understanding of this!

    • Good point, Janine, you said it very well, I also have the same doubts about why some popular themes rank so low on google page speed. In my experience, i changed my site to a one of this popular themes mentioned above and I experienced a big boost in search engine rankings, but I would like my page to be faster.

      • @Emilio, are you saying you see a boost after moving from your previous theme to one of the popular theme? I know many factors could have caused your site to get some search engine love, but changing of themes? Well.

        You have a good point there Janine. The X Theme has been too buggy for my liking.

        • You are right Daves. Maybe my answer was too short. I also learned a lot about SEO in the process, and that played a big part in the improvement. So yes, not only changing themes.

  9. awesome collection of themes.
    I am using Genesis theme at this time. It performs very well for me. Genesis is the best theme. I recommend everyone to buy this theme.

  10. Dont like enfold. It has a lot of bugs and its hard to update it. Thanks for the article!

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  13. awesome collection of themes.
    I am using Genesis theme at this time. It performs very well for me. Genesis is the best theme. I recommend everyone to buy this theme.

  14. Yes Hueman has proversion now, But the pro one got few more features only. But for simple bloggers like me, Hueman free version will suffice. Thanks to Hueman makers, cause it’s the best theme for me ever.

    And out of this fancy list, Newspaper is the best theme ever created for WordPress. Thanks for sharing the useful & informative post, thumbs up!

  15. Now that we have page builders, all I care about in a theme is flexibility of the header and footer and compatibility with top plugins–including Jetpack which seems to be incompatible with many new themes. Is this preference showing up in the trends? I’d love to see an article on it.

    • That´s a good point, Teri. Page builders are all over the place nowadays.

  16. Hi,
    I was badly looking for this list from wptd as I believe you people have managed to grab the correct info. I’m using Newspaper now. Keen to try Avada on a new blog. Thx for this awesome list.

  17. I am using Authority Pro by Genesis on my website and the CTR is awesome than any other theme I have used till now <3

    P.S Thanks for this top ten list 🙂

    • You are right Tina Authority Pro by Genesis is awsm. i am also used from last few months.

  18. I tried Avada but quickly found it to be sooo slow and bloated and the support was rubbish. Eventually switched to the Genesis framework after a recommendation and spent a few months learning how to drive it so to speak, but in line with the recommendations. it was well worth the effort. I learned a lot (still learning) but we use it now on all our customer sites, which are very fast and look amazing.
    I would never go back to a short-code laden theme like Avada or anything similar

    • Not only is Avada rubbish with poor support, as is the case with too many envato (themeforest, whatever they call themselves) marketplace products, but they want you to pay them almost $3,000.00 USD to be able to use it your client’s site (extended license). The reasonably priced regular license ($60) is only to be used on a personally-owned sites or sites that you do not charge the end user for. LOL. What a joke, for sure.

  19. Nice collection, however I am a bit dissapointed with Themeforest themes. Sometimes the support is weak, and you can see from inside that the code is amateur.

    • Given the great number of different theme authors at Themeforest, I guess stating their code is amateur is, at least, being unfair.

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  31. For quick turnaround I personally use Bravio and Avada, as their Builder saves and exports your own containers, this way you can design once and later change a few things and serve another client.

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  49. Nice to see this list. The Newspaper theme is one of my favorites. Worked with it on a client’s website and the experience was enjoyable.

    Besides, WPTD is arguably the best theme detector I’ve come across. Tried a few others but they weren’t as accurate and detailed.

    • Thanks, Norbert. I´m glad you like our tool. We do take pride in keeping it as accurate and detailed as possible, and are always working in making it better.

  50. Hola.

    Yo creo que cualquier tema gratuito tipo Twenty Seventeen y unos buenos plugings también gratuitos, puedes crear cualquier plantilla que te ofrezca un tema de pago.
    Eso si, los temas de pago tienen esa ventaja que te dan todo medio hecho.

    Un saludo.

  51. I’ve noticed a VERY good many plugins are freemium, too. It’s apparent these developers & designers are tired of the whole “free for everyone” model. Free doesn’t pay the bills or put bread on the table and freebie seekers are usually more demanding than paying customers.

    In the end, paid-for themes and plugins are the best way to go for end-users because you have no basis to bitch if a theme or plugin is never updated and breaks your site – it’s free! But if you pay for it, this allows the developer to keep things moving and up to date (assuming they charge enough for it). And the developer has the incentive to support it and keep it running properly or he loses his income.

    As long as people have to pay for food and bills and other resources in order to survive, the free for all model never lasts long. Freemium is the only way to go if you want to offer something free (assuming you know how to work the freemium model to be profitable).

  52. Oh, BTW: I’m new to WPTD and I was wondering: what does it mean when you look up a site on WPTD and it says the name of the theme is “DEFAULT”? As far as I know, there is no such theme and if you install wordpress with the actual default them, which is twenty-eighteen, it shows “Twenty-Eighteen” so I have no clue what “DEFAULT” really means.

    Can someone shed light on this?

    • It could always be a theme its author named like that, simply “Default”. Either that or I guess somebody just renamed the theme.

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    I Am Using Genesis Theme At This Time. It Performs Very Well For Me. Genesis Is The Best Theme. I Recommend Everyone To Buy This Theme.

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