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Gutenberg Editor Revisited 15

Gutenberg Editor Revisited

We had reviewed Gutenberg in the past. If you haven’t seen our previous post about it, here it is. Gutenberg Editor has progressed since then and it’s now close to being released, so it’s time to review it again. There hasn’t been much change aside from more options added...

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The best image optimization tips for WordPress 50

The best image optimization tips for WordPress

There are several ways you could optimize your images for better performance and usability. WordPress is not a champ regarding image manipulation; although you can tweak images once uploaded you can’t control the process, and there are several automated things that are not ideal and should be modified. Today...

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Secure your WP site with minimal plugins 27

Secure your WP site with minimal plugins

Securing your WP Site is not always a job left to those who are expert system administrators. With some new tools, combined with a friendly hosting, you can do that by yourself and have a secured site without any outside assistance. Today I’m going to show you how to...

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Gutenberg Editor Review 31

Gutenberg Editor Review

This all started when I was searching for inspiration on what to write about this month. I was sure to write some nice tutorial, I know people do like them and they are really useful. But when I contacted Luis, he asked me..  Did you hear about the Gutenberg...

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How to Improve WordPress Image Functionality 12

How to Improve WordPress Image Functionality

WordPress is great for website building, be it a professional website, a blog, an artistic blog or a Photographer’s showcase. But even with all the major updates and improvements done lately to it’s core, WordPress remains unchanged in the image management.  In this tutorial we are going to change that....

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The best WordPress comment system 33

The best WordPress comment system

Finding the right comment system in WordPress is no easy feat. In fact I’d never thought this was going to be that hard. To examine all the current commenting systems on WordPress is not only painful, it’s incredible frustrating. From systems that appear to work and break your WordPress...

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Caching for WordPress 16

Caching for WordPress

In this article you are going to learn the different types of caching that can be implemented to optimize WordPress performance and how they work. This is not a tutorial article per-se, but it will teach you a lot about all types of caching that can affect the performance...

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