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Avada, one year later: a winner theme revisited.

It´s been a long time since we last talked about Avada. As a matter of fact, a whole year went by since we published our interview with the people at ThemeFusion on July 2013.

By that time, Avada wasn´t even one year old (it was released in August 16, 2012) and it already was the best selling WordPress theme at Themeforest with 28,000 customers and an average Buyer Rating of 4.64 over 5, based on 2,281 buyer opinions.

Also by that time, Avada had become one of our Top WordPress Themes, ranking #13 at that moment.

Those impressive numbers motivated me to contact the creators of this amazing theme a year ago, and to publish our interview with ThemeFusion on July 16, 2013.

But let´s see what happened during the last 12 months.

Where is Avada now?

For the last 12 months Avada has been continuously climbing positions up our Top WordPress Themes reports.

The last achievements were getting #7 last May after beating a well established theme like OptimizePress and finally, around 10 days ago, climbing to #6 beating yet another very popular theme: Canvas.

So right now Avada is headed towards taking over the place of a real though one: none other than the Twenty Eleven theme. Do you think it will make it to fifth position?


But it is no wonder why Avada got that high in our Top WordPress Themes reports: it is the #1 selling of all time on Themeforest. As I´m writing this article it has made more than 79,000 sales, and that means more than 50,000 sales during the last 12 months! so the sales for the second year of Avada will double the sales made during its first year.

The average Buyer Rating of Avada has also slightly increased for the last year, reaching at the moment 4.71, based on 6,781 ratings.

The newest version of Avada is 3.5.3. You can find more about its features here.

And what about ThemeFusion?

One of the most surprising facts about the success of Avada is that it is the one and only theme released so far by ThemeFusion.

Being a one-theme provider, ThemeFusion didn´t show up on our Top Theme Providers reports at the beggining, even as Avada was already becoming one of the top themes. But that is history now: while I´m writing this post Themefusion is the #15 WordPress theme provider, beating other providers as popular as PageLines or Headway Themes:


Actually, ThemeFusion was the first one-theme provider to appear on our top provider reports whose only theme is not a theme framework.

Although Luke Beck from ThemeFusion told me many months ago that they´re working on a new theme while at the same time improving Avada, no new theme has been released yet. Luke promised I will be one of the first persons to know about  that release, so I hope I can review the new theme and share my opinions with you soon here at the WPThemeDetector Blog.


We can´t but congratulate ThemeFusion for the success of Avada, and hope to see their next theme soon.

After all what they have achieved during the last couple of years with their first theme, it must be quite a challenge to decide what theme should be their second product. Don´t you agree?

Luis Alejandre


  1. I would be quite impressed with your review if it wasn’t full of affiliate links to the sales page on themeforest. If a product is so great, why do you need to get paid (or potentially paid) to review it?

    As soon as I click on a link that ends with a reviewer’s affiliate information, I dismiss the review as slanted and in this case deceptive. Because you don’t even allow people to know you potentially receive compensation if they purchase something from Envato once they visit one of their websites after clicking your affiliate link. And when it comes to a 30% commission, I think that is a substantial reason to disclose it.

    I am unsubscribing to your “newsletters”.

    • I thought I wouldn´t even reply to your comment, Louis. Besides, if you´ve unsubscribed from our blog, you may never read this. But I finally decided to answer, just to make some things clear:

      1.- In the first place, this is not a review! Maybe you are obsessed with affiliate links and you didn´t even read my post, just went ahead with your negative comments.

      2.- About a year ago I saw how successful a particular theme was getting. That interested me, I contacted the people who created it and I published an interview with them. One year after that, this theme got even more succesful and I´ve published a follow-up post about its achievements. I can´t see how this post can be “slanted” since I´m not reviewing the theme but only providing facts and statistics. Therefore, I don´t understand how it can be “deceptive” either.

      3.- As a matter of fact, I´m only using one positive adjetive when talking about Avada. That happens in the fourth paragraph of my post where I say “…this amazing theme“. But then again, I guess nobody would disagree about Avada records and achievements being at least amazing.

      4.- When you say “…you don’t even allow people to know …” you´re wrong: We do have an Affiliate Disclosure in this site. It is in our Terms and Conditions of Use page. Because when you say and “…I think that is a substantial reason to disclose it…” this time you´re right, and that is why the Affiliate Disclosure is there.

      5.- The reason why you know about the affiliate links on this post is because we are not cloaking them, otherwise you´d never had known. Using affiliate links is nothing to be ashamed of, at least if you don´t use them in a “deceptive” or “slanted” way. In less than two years we´ve spent not hundreds but thousands of hours in this site and its free tools, so I think it´s fair to try to get a little compensation.

      6.- If you were subscribed to our blog, that means that some time in the past you reached this site and found interesting information on it, maybe one of our tutorials (with no affiliate links at all). I´m subscribed to a number of WordPress blogs myself, and I receive interesting articles mixed with articles that I don´t like at all (with or without affiliate links, that is something I don´t care about because in case I buy something I will never get overcharged because of the affiliation, and I would be grateful to the post author since he or she lead me to something I liked and I didn´t know about its existence). In any case, I read only what I find interesting enough, but I never get offended and I don´t unsubscribe if I can expect future interesting posts from a blog. Of course it is up to you to do as you please, but you may miss some future reads as interesting as the ones that made you subscribe in the first place.

      7.- Finally, when you say “…I would be quite impressed with your review if it wasn’t full of affiliate links…” please be honest and answer this question: Would you really be? I don´t think so. I think you just used my post as an excuse to complain about affiliate links in general.

      • Great reply! Love that.

      • Luis…I THANK YOU for the creation of such a great free tool! I am a WP Web Developer/Designer…and I use this several times daily…because it is an Essential Tool for me when I have New Clients that want their website designed, or to have the SAME functionality as another WP website. I simply Copy and Paste the url into WP Theme Detector..and Bam!…I have Everything I need to know about a WP Website, Theme, or The Plugins Its Using…KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO!!! I’m A Subscriber For Life. Amen

        Blessings-Don : D

        • Thanks a lot, Don. I will 😉

  2. I really appreciate you letting us use theme detector and all you’ve done. Hey, what is wrong with affiliate links anyway? I do think it’s fair that you get compensation and you should not need to explain anything! In fact, if I am reading someone’s post and they have an affiliate link, I’m happy to give them credit. Why the heck not? So, thank you for everything, Luis. This tool rocks and so do you!

    • Thanks a lot for your kind words, Jo. I´m glad you like our tool.

  3. Luis, thank you again! And yes, the tools is great.

  4. A clean and a professional theme for webmasters, thanks again Luis, i always get something new whenever i visit here….

  5. WPTD is something what I use 100 times a day!
    just saying thanks to Luis will never be enough.
    would you like to consider making a browser addons in future?
    Cheers Mate!

  6. An excellent website. WPTD.

  7. awesome

  8. Great work, Luis. WPTD is absolutely wonderful. Prior to finding this site, I never thought I could ever know the ‘recipe’ of an interesting site.

    • Thank you Ferli.

      That´s quite a good definition for what you can find here, the ‘recipe’. 😉

  9. Luis, thank you again! And yes, the tools is great.

  10. Avada is an amazing theme. But what made me hesitated to buy is the lack of some thing like page composer or builder. The said they will going to have this in the next version. So I am waiting for that.

  11. Luis, I am so happy you replied to Louis, his comments did nothing productive, he is just a troll, your reply was well thought out and well written. I am one who purchased the Avada theme and I love it, even though I have had it for some time now, I still like to see what others say about it, thanks for your update.
    I also regularly use WPTD, it is a tool I have recommended to my friends in the biz.
    Thanks again!

  12. Avada is no doubt the best and wonderful theme for any kind of website. I like it and want to start a website with it.

  13. With all due respect, your disclosure is hidden away on a separate page (the terms and conditions page you mentioned), which the reader doesn’t see while reading the post to know the affiliate relationship as it is in your website’s footer. I found your site while looking for reviews and while I don’t share the original commenter’s angst, I do trust site author’s more who chose to be transparent with the FTC disclosure at the top of the post.

  14. Wow!! I never knew you were the one behind the fantastic and amazing WPTheme Detector. I absolutely love this tool.. You are amazing.. Thanks for your update on Avada Theme. I like the theme a lot and keep coming across it in sites that I like. It is nice to hear about their success. Thanks for the stats on Themefusion and Avada… these are very nice to know…


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