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Avada4u: A new site about Avada featuring a filterable showcase

More than two years ago I published an interview with the original creators of the Avada theme: Avada, a winner WordPress theme: Interview with ThemeFusion, and it so happened that most of the comments on that post (it got more than 300 comments) came from people looking for examples of sites built with Avada.

It´s quite logical: when you´re considering a particular theme for your site, checking the demo at the theme developer´s site will give you an idea about what you can achieve with the theme. But looking at the sites that others have built with that same theme is always a better way to realize about what you can expect from it. Plus, it can also be a good source for very inspiring ideas that you will never get from the theme demo site.

And that is, in the particular case of Avada, the main reason why I´ve decided to launch a new site: Avada4u.

Avada example sites by the thousands

Avada4u features a websites showcase which offers you not just a few examples of sites of sites built with Avada, but thousands of them!

When you use the Avada4u Sites using Avada showcase you can even choose the selection of the most popular sites using Avada, because this showcase is filterable. You´ll get a paginated collection of Avada sites showing 6 sites per page which can be filtered depending on the version used on the site, on the use of a child theme or not, or even on whether the site has eCommerce features:


Hover over any one of the site screenshots displayed on the showcase and you´ll get the basic information about the site: it´s domain, the version of Avada being used, child theme information if applicable, the eCommerce plugin used by the site if it sells online, it´s Alexa rank, and the date of the last time that site was checked by Avada4u.

Click on the desired site screenshot and Avada4u will take you to the live site on a new browser tab.

Check if a site uses Avada

Avada4u also includes a simplified version of our well known WordPress Theme Detector for a quick check in order to see if a site is using Avada: the Avada Theme Detector. The detection tool also looks for eCommerce plugins being used by the site. Although information about plugins is not displayed by the Avada Theme Detector (as opposed to the Theme Detector on this site), it is stored in the Avada4u database anyway to be used by the showcase filtering feature.

The Avada detector tool is also connected to the showcase, so anyone building sites with Avada can submit his or her own sites to be added to the showcase collection. Most site developers like their sites being displayed and linked to, because it´s a free way of getting some exposure.

So what are you Avada lovers waiting for? Go ahead and try the new Avada showcase!

Luis Alejandre


  1. Thank You For Useful Information About Avada4U ! Really If You use Avad for your website, You will have a chance to get some exposure and backlinks from This site. I am going to buy this Avada theme to use on my website !

  2. Very like Avada themes! it’s really cool and easy to use

  3. One thing which makes me love the avada themes is it’s customizability it offers to all it’s users. But seems like once again, Wpthemedetector has take their game a notch. Nice one too. Will now know websites using the avada customized themes.

  4. Avada theme is amazing. I use and experiment for 2 year old.
    Thanks for information Mr. Luis 🙂

  5. Thanks ! Our website (www.empruntemontoutou.com) uses Avada and it is great. I used Avada4U to get some inspiration when I was building it.

  6. I most like Avada Theme.

    Most Recommended…

  7. I like Avada but I am a fond of X Theme.
    I personally think X is more customizable then Avada.

    • I agreed!
      Wordpress Avada Theme is best.