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Fundler: A free (though premium) WordPress theme for crowdfunding sites

UPDATE (May 2016):

The old links on this post were not working anymore, but this theme is still available in GitHub. You can download it here.

MandLoys is a Web Design Agency that, with its own professional, in-house web designer and developer team with over 15 years of experience, has worked with over 2,000 clients since its inception in 2007.

According to their own words, they have received a lot both from the WordPress and the global startup community and they feel like it’s time for them to give back.

And the way they wanted to do so is by releasing a new premium WordPress theme, for free.

However they didn´t want to offer just another general purpose theme, but a very specific one: They´ve developed Fundler, a WordPress theme intended to fuel crowdfunding  sites.

As the world changes, more and more startups will choose the crowdfunding way instead of the traditional “let’s find one wealthy investor” one. Sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo (among dozens of others of course) are growing exponentially and this trend won’t change anytime soon.

Fundler looks like a very interesting theme, it is responsive, it can be downloaded for free and it comes with GPLv2 license and a support forum. So, what else could you ask for?

 As an option, you can get the impressive Infinite Slider for $15 to make your site even cooler, like in the Fundler demo:

Fundler theme demo

Fundler theme demo

Fundler features

Besides its low, low price (as low as $0.00), the main features of this crowdfunding WordPress theme are:

  • Supports all WordPress slider plugins (we recommend Infinite Slider)
  • Uses the free Crowdfunding by Astoundify WordPress plugin
  • Responsive Layout
  • Unique and trendy flat design
  • Multiple homepage layouts
  • Page templates include: campaign creation, FAQ, contact, campaign listing and more
  • Unlimited color schemes,fully customizable with the Theme Customizer, change the colors and the content in various areas of the site
  • Upload your own logo, icons with a snap
  • Easy to use contact form plugin included
  • 5/5 star support from a renown web design agency
  • Social media integration
  • Can be used as a blog
  • Page customization with shortcodes
  • Sidebar and footer widget suppor
  • Header and footer menu support
  • Social media integration
  • WordPress 3.6 ready

So if you were already thinking about a crowdfunding site, this is good news for you. Go ahead and download Fundler for free!


  1. thanks for sharing, there are only few people who make stuff for free download.

  2. Nice offer of free theme. I have created my crowd funding website using http://crowdfundhq.com which also offers the same. This site really helps me to develop my own website without knowing coding.

    • But that service is only free for the first 14 days. After those two weeks it will cost you from $99/month up.

      • Hi Luis, You are a kind person to create this theme for free. I am also humanity conscious. I will create a site for crowdsourcing for africa and get in touch if I need help. Kepp up your good work. Be blessed!

        • Thanks, but it wasn´t me who created Fundler and offered it for free. You should thank the people at MandLoys instead.

  3. Perfect template for my needs.

  4. First thanks for such a quality free product. I have two questions.
    1. is there any catch what-so-ever?
    2. can this work with Paypal adaptive payments?
    Thanks again.

    • Hi Mike.

      You should ask MandLoys. You´ll find links to their site on this post.

  5. Very good that there are free alternatives.

  6. The page loading speed of this theme?

  7. It seems the download link is not working anymore? Are there any alternatives to download this theme? I would love to develop my crowdfunding site using this theme.

    • I´m afraid you´re right, Rocky.

      I´ve told Mandloys through a comment on their blog. Hope they´ll fix it soon.

  8. you can download this theme from here.

    • Thank you. Anyway, the direct download link that was not working has been fixed and is working again.

      • Hi . but this zip file not contains import.xml file. have someone got this file?

        • Please ask MandLoys. You´ll find links to their site on this post.

        • it is in here:

  9. nice post thanks for sharing

  10. Hi,

    I have uploaded the Theme and it has blanked out. Meaning, I can perform operations within the Administration Dashboard, however, when I go to view it will not work. I have a blue screen without the menu navigator. When I click on a menu item, I get the blue screen. When I first go to the site it works. What should I do?

    Thank you!

  11. is it possible that we can take 5% of all revenue ? is there any setting on the theme ? or any plugin can do ?

    Please reply me!

    • Hi Keyur,

      You should ask MandLoys. You´ll find links to their site on this post.

  12. I installed the theme and have almost the same problems like hippocratescorpus. That’s really annoying! I connot even anything anymore. Just see a blank page when I try to logon.

    • Documentation says: Ready for WP 3.6. I have 3.9 installed. I guess this is the problem. Unfortunateyle support of MandLoys does not react at all.

  13. I came in too late. We are a charity organisation and would love to take advantage of the free offer. Luis please help us! despencers@outlook.com

  14. Nice free theme. Perfect for low budget projects.

  15. Wow. Amaizng theme for no price. You rock!

  16. Luis so how would I apply this template to launching a new Crowd funding site we are about to launch/


    • You just need a self-hosted WordPress site and then you can use Fundler as your theme.


    • Hi Adam,

      I don´t understand your complains. I´ve just checked it again and not only Fundler is still a free theme, but they even have released the optional Infinite Slider for free as well (it used to cost $15). You can find both links, as well as one more link to download the theme documentation, on this page.

      And please, don´t use uppercase when commenting or everybody will think you´re yelling at us.

  18. Is there a way that a person can enter any amount rather than just being able to pick and choose. I am think a open field for the user to be able to enter a certain amount… big or small.

  19. Is there a way to add a button if someone wants to contact me via email for cash or check donations. I was thinking of having a button right below the “contribute button”

    • I´m not providing support for customizing Fundler here. Please ask MandLoys, you´ll find links to their site on this post.

  20. Any idea how to updated the map on the Contact Us Page… or remove the map.

  21. Thank you for sharing Luis. I was wondering if there is a new download link. http://www.mandloys.com/?did=3800&vp_edd_act=show_download is no longer working. I would love to try it. Thank you in advance.

    • All I´ve been able to find is that they have closed the Mandloys Web Design business, so at this moment I don´t know whether anybody will take care of Fundler anymore.

      • Thank you for your quick response Luis. I appreciate it.

  22. hello and thank you very much for sharing free crowdfunding theme.
    recently i install this them and apply as a default theme on my wordpress but im geting this message on my site vite page

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function edd_get_cart_amount() in /home/indiakic/public_html/wp-content/themes/fundler/header.php on line 43

    can you help me to solve this issue bcoz im new in this type of work.

    • A function with a edd_ prefix must belong to the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. You must look there. Maybe your site is calling that plugin but you don´t have installed, or you do but it needs an update?

  23. The “Crowdfunding by Astoundify” plugin appears to have been removed.

    Does anybody know anything about this?

  24. Great template. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  25. This is an outstanding theme, and it is also free.

  26. Lovely!

  27. It seems the link is not working anymore and the company closed the website.

  28. How are you using it without astoundify?

  29. https://github.com/fourleafed/fundler-theme

    • Thanks, Robert.

      I´ve included an update notice at the top of the post with that link.

  30. Hi Luis, I don´t know why I can´t install this theme, I receive this message ¨Fatal error: Call to undefined function edd_get_cart_amount() in /home/wwwpuntoavicom/public_html/wp/wp-content/themes/fundler-theme-master/header.php on line 43¨
    please could you help me? I´m really interested in make a crowdfunding page, but I would like to learn first about how to install and create this page in wordpress , I have a test server , but I need a theme with which to familiarize myself in this type of content but every time I find it more complicated, I appreciate all the help that you can give me, thanks

    • Hi, Felix.

      It looks like it is conflicting with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. Try disabling the plugin and then installing the theme.

      • Hi Felix,

        I’m having the same trouble. We’re using fundler as well. Fundler used to be a great crowdfunding wordpress theme until it went outdated because the developers backed out. I hope they’ll pick up Fundler again or create a new crowdfunding wordpress theme

        What Im doing instead for our solar project site is this https://www.thrinacia.com/reach the reason Im using it is because it is free for me to install and easily connects with my stripe.

        • Hi, Francis,
          I looked your site, it is beautiful. Did you fixed the fatal error…line 43? how did you do that?

  31. I have error “Fatal error: Call to undefined function edd_get_cart_amount() in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\themes\fundler-theme-master\header.php on line 43”

    Can you help me sir ? please… I have installed Contact Form 7, OptionTree, and Easy Digital Downloads plugin.


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