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Nobody is perfect!

We´ve tried our best to offer you a complete and reliable WordPress Theme Detector that will perform well in most cases.

Of course, there will be sites for which the detailed information that you are looking for just isn´t there, probably because the WordPress theme has been customized and that information was never filled in, or maybe because the author decided to hide it.

We´ve successfully tested our WordPress Theme Detector in many circumstances where other tools fail, and so we´ve been able to improve its performance by adding new search criteria.

However, our goal is to make our tool even better, so we keep on looking for alternatives to overcome some cases where we can´t get as much information as we would like.

You may also find some cases where you get less information than expected, or even no information at all.

Or you may find a bug.

You may even think of a great additional feature for our tool that we have overlooked and that would be interesting enough to be implemented.

So, why don´t you let us know?

Please feel free to use our Contact Page to share your experience with us. In case you´re reporting any issue found when trying to investigate the WordPress theme used by a particular site, please make sure you send us its URL or domain.

Your testimonials will also be welcome.

Thanks. Your collaboration will be highly appreciated.

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