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New feature: WordPress Theme Deals

I thought that in case you discovered a premium WordPress theme by means of our WPThemeDetector tool and you would like to use that theme in a website, one of the pieces of information you would be willing to get is whether there is a current discount campaign for that theme.

In some cases you would know it right away as soon as you access the theme provider´s site, for example when already discounted prices are directly displayed without the need of a coupon or without accessing a particular landing page.

But what about special discount campaigns that involve coupon codes or are available only through selected sites?

For instance, here at this site we have some special WordPress theme deals for our visitors. Some of these deals need a special coupon code created for WPThemeDetector in order to get the discounted price, while others do not need any coupon but the discounted purchase page needs to accessed from our special links or else you would get the regular price without any discount.

Introducing the new WordPress Theme Deals Checker

That is why we have created a new feature for our tool: a WordPress theme deals checker. We have added some new functions to our code to handle the new information about WordPress theme deals we now include in our database.

That way, our tool now checks if there are active WordPress theme deals for the detected themes and makes sure the current date is not beyond the campaign expiration date. In case any deal applies to the theme being detected, it displays the information for you, including the coupon code if one is needed:


Many of these WordPress theme deals do not just apply to a particular theme but to the whole collection of themes available from its provider. When that is the case, our tool will also display the deal information on the Theme Provider section of the detection results:


I hope you´ll like our new feature, and remember that we keep always improving our tool.