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WordPress 4.0 or WordPress 3.99, is that the question?

WordPress 4.0 is scheduled to be released today, September 4. The exact hour is not scheduled, so we´ll just leave it as September 4.0 🙂

But many people are feeling like the opposite of buying something on sale. When you buy something for $3.99 you know you´re going to spend 4 dollars anyway, you don´t care about the one tiny cent they´re going to give you with your change. But nevertheless you´re very happy because you see a 3 on the left hand side of the price tag.

Now with WordPress 4.0 everybody is happy with at least some of the new features, but the general feeling is that they´re getting something priced $3.99 for $4.00. I know, I know,  nobody is paying anything for WordPress, but I guess you´re getting what I mean.

We are all used to full version numbers meaning major releases for which revolutionary changes are to be expected. That will not be the case of WordPress 4.0, and that is why so many people are surprised to see the number 4 being used for the numbering of the new version. But to me the reason for that can be very simple: maybe it´s just because we just ran out of 3.Xs. So, what should it have been named, 3.9.9?

But you know what? I get the feeling that WordPress users will not mind “paying that extra cent“. In my case I can´t wait to use the more user friendly Visual Editor (the current editor makes me sick when I´m writing long posts), and I love that the Customizer is being improved. And the new plugin installer looks good, too. Not to mention the selection of languages after you´ve got WordPress 4.0 installed (in case you don´t know yet I´m a Spaniard, so I use WordPress a lot both in English and in Spanish). So would I care about the new version being called 4.0? Not at all.

You can read quite a few articles around the web where their authors foresee some degree of disappointment among users when WordPress 4.0 gets finally released, as in the case of Raelene Wilson or Kevin Muldoon (who just started writing for this blog earlier this week). I agree that some users might be puzzled by the use of a full version number for the new version but, like I said, I won´t wait for the change (I mean for the “extra cent”, I can´t wait for some of the changes WordPress 4.0 brings).

How about you? Please join the discussion through the comments.


  1. Wp version 4.0 is very bad for my uses….its give very low area for post writing and many BSD features

    • me too,, i don’t like the area for post writing…

  2. Same thing i want to say there is nothing new but new hurdles are coming.Hope so next version will be better for us.

  3. Basically, WordPress 4.0 is a critical security release that provides a fix for a critical cross-site scripting vulnerability. No other difference as such i find. Overall experience is neutral.

  4. Knew that update is always better. WordPress should keep that in mind too :/

  5. Hi there,
    It is better to updated to latest version, as it however has some more bugs fixed than on previous version with some extended features.
    As now 4.3 beta is on the go. The most favorite feature I heard about it is that you do not have to worried about favicon anymore.
    Let’s see how it helps in customizing a website.

  6. Basically, WordPress four.0 could be a crucial security unleash that gives a fix for a crucial cross-site scripting vulnerability. No alternative distinction intrinsically I notice. Overall expertise is neutral.

  7. It’s not a question… I am using WP 4.5.3 now…

  8. Basically, WordPress 4.0 may be a vital security unleash that provides a fix for a vital cross-site scripting vulnerability. No various distinction intrinsically I notice. Overall experience is neutral.