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WPThemeDetector goes responsive

Some of you may have already noticed that our site is now responsive. I know it´s taken a while, but it´s finally here.

I´ve always thought that a tool like WPThemeDetector is not intended to be used from any kind of location and from mobile devices. As I´ve always said, our detector was not developed for sniffing around other people´s websites, but as a valuable tool for learning from others how to achieve some particular looks or functionalities on your own site or on the websites you develop for your clients.

Therefore, the natural devices for WPThemeDetector are desktop or laptop computers on your office desk. Our tool also provides a lot of information details that fit best on a large screen. That said, I also agree with many of you about the fact that at least our blog pages should have been made responsive from the beginning. My fault.

Some other projects have kept me away from improving this site for a while. And not only from making it evolve, you could say, since our blog has been kind of dormant for many months as well. Well, it´s never too late and I finally found the time to work on the responsive features for the WPTD site. And after that, I´m also ready to resume working on the blog and to begin posting more regularly again.

Making our blog responsive was easy, but a lot of work has been involved in making the rest of the site responsive as well. And once I started working on it, I wanted the whole site to be responsive.

So now you´ll get responsive pages all over the site. Not just the blog or the homepage, but also the detector results or even our top report pages are now responsive.
I still encourage you to use a laptop or desktop computer when using our tool, because that way you will get all the details and you´ll get them nicely arranged on your screen. But it´s up to you now, since now at least you´ve got the freedom to choose.

Is that good news for you?


  1. Best move man. Expecting more from this site in coming days.

  2. Nice Transformation. I checked on my mobile your site works great. Thanks for this change will be useful to access wpthemedetector from mobile also..

  3. I checked on my mobile your site works great. Thanks for this change will be useful to access wpthemedetector from mobile also..

  4. You know what i am very impressed with your website. Its just not detect themes but also detect plugins. And here you go again Luis. Really thanks for this article too.

  5. I think smartphone users are increasing day by day and to stay in market with online business it is must to have mobile website and WPThemeDetector responsive website will reduce the cost of new mobil website. Thanks for the nice explanation i enjoyed reading it.

  6. i don’t know to use it

  7. Thank you for the update. I actually used WPTD on my iPhone quite often and it’s finally responsive. Looking forward to see more features.

  8. This is a great news. As almost 80% of the internet users use smart phones and tablets so it is must for a website to be responsive. I am happy that this website is responsive now.

  9. I love wpthemedetector.com . I use wpthemedetector for viewing plugins and theme of other site.
    Great..! Thanks for free service..!

  10. Great site, you should add a url query with a bookmarklet.
    Like: https://www.wpthemedetector.com?url=www.mysite.com

  11. Awesome very good and innovative step is taken by you for making your site responsive, congratulations to you.

  12. I have used WPThemeDetector. It works really fine. It has made my website responsive. After making my website responsive by WPThemeDetector, I am getting 30% extra traffic. Thanks to the developers of WPThemeDetector

  13. I do agree with janeet and would like to say WPThemeDetector is really effective. I am really grateful to for great contribution and thankful to you for sharing this content with us.

  14. That will be valuable to everyone who uses it, including myself. Many thanks!

  15. This is great. But I still curious about how long the cache will stay from first scan?

    Because I’ve activated some child theme (about three times with three different child theme) but the result still appear with my parent theme that taken from the first scan.

  16. Thank you so much for providing a tool for free to check website theme and replicate for ourselves. Keep up the good work

  17. its the good for the newbies to check the responsive site that is big step by you for us.