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Standard Theme, where are you?

Almost a month ago I published my post Standard, one of the Top WordPress Themes, says goodbye after 8BIT announced that they were closing down for business. On that post I showed my concern about one of our top themes going away, apparently for good.

Then a week ago I wrote an update note at the end of that post, informing our readers about a fresh announcement from the 8BIT Team: Standard Theme had been acquired by WooThemes.

So apparently everything was fine again for this theme. I even commented on my previous post that it looked like the title of that post wasn´t right anymore and that it should read Standard didn´t say goodbye but just “see you later”.

But I was wrong again.

Torque also echoed the announcement from 8BIT on their post New Home for Standard Theme, and on its comments there has been some discussion going on about the future of Standard Theme.

Ryan Ray from Woothemes said that if you are a Standard customer you can still download Standard and get support from their staff for the next year, and that parts of Standard will live on in other Woothemes products.

Somebody commented that Woothemes were not selling Standard Theme and I was curious about this. I thought that it might be because the news were so recent that they hadn´t included it in their site yet, but a week later I wanted to check that out myself. So I went to the Woothemes site and did a search for “Standard Theme” or just “Standard”. On both cases I got this:


None of the 18 search results were Standard Theme, and there´s no way to see Standard anywhere on their site, which means that it is true that Woothemes have bought Standard Theme but they´re not selling it.

Which also means that Standard is really saying goodbye, and in my honest opinion that´s unfortunate.

By the way, Standard theme has already said goodbye to our 25 Top WordPress Themes report. It´s been down below the 25th position for about a week.

Do you have your own opinion about this move? Please share it with us through the comments.


  1. I’m a bit confuse of why WooThemes decided to acquire Standard theme if they have no plan to sell it, but it’s probably a good news from current Standard theme users, at least for one more year.

    Standard theme is more like Woo’s Canvas theme, therefore that might be the reason why they decided not to sell Standard theme anymore.

    • Actually Ryan Ray said:

      “We didn’t do this in hopes of directly taking features from Standard and their way of implementing their features, but it could be a plus side of the situation. In particular with the feedback from the Standard community perhaps making its way into our Canvas theme.”

  2. Still missed from the Woothemes items, 3 months after. Did someone know what happened with Standard? 🙁

  3. Hey, I just stumbled across this article as I was trying to find out what happend to the Standard Theme. I’m currently still using this theme. As a writer it was a great choice. Very simple and focusing on the writing. Now I’m a bit worried, since I don’t know how long Standard will work.
    Do you know about any alternatives similar to Standard? I would appretiate any advice!

    • Hi Sam, and welcome to our blog.

      It´s a real pity what happened with this theme. Everybody who uses it loves it, and it looks like it will finally disappear (at least as a whole, although parts of it may remain in other themes by Woo).

      I find very difficult to recommend you a substitute for it. Just keep using it while you can and start checking other themes which are well coded and simple enough for writing without a lot of features you won´t need. Maybe something from Theme Hybrid would fit your needs.

  4. I am very disappointed as I paid $99 for it, being given the promise of lifetime updates. I just didn’t realize the life will be so short. I do feel ripped-off.

  5. Does that mean when you buy a theme,you have to always remain in the fear that someday the theme owner might choose to abandon it?And you have to spend money again to purchase a new theme.Who is going to give the money,the client or the designer?
    What happened with the Standard theme is unfortunate.But what about people like Marek who spent money to purchase it and then time and effort in customizing it(by himself or by hiring a developer)?

    What can be the best solution?

  6. I remember i bought this theme for 100$. What a rip-off! Shame to the owner who promised “lifetime support”, what a crook!

  7. I bought the standard theme a few years ago, had no idea they had discontinued it. I had a client wanted to know where I bought it. After doing a search I discovered it seems to have gone off to theme heaven Not good news for people who loved it and cannot get any updates 🙁