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Why this WordPress Theme Detector?

You´ve many times seen a particular blog or website based on WordPress with a wonderful appearance, and you have probably wondered which WordPress theme it is using.

In some cases, you´re not even sure if it is using WordPress at all. In other cases, you know it or it is quite clear since it´s shown on the footer.

Many times the footer even shows what WordPress theme is being used, and in that case usually a link to the author, provider or distributor of the theme is included. So you just need to follow that link to find the information about the WordPress theme you´re looking for, check if it´s available to you, see if it´s a free or a premium theme, and decide if you want to get it.

However, in most of the cases the information about the theme being used is not available in the footer.  Ironically enough, that will usually happen with the sites you like the most. Does this sound familiar to you?.

With some technical skills it is possible to find which WordPress theme a particular site is using, for example by checking the HTML code sent by the server and investigating from there. There are some pretty good posts about these “P.I.” or “detective” activities around the internet community.

But, wouldn´t it be much better to be able to use an online tool to automatically do all that work for you?

We guessed that your obvious answer to that question would be of course, as long as it´s free!

So we got to work on some scripts intended to give you that online service. Once we started developing it, we realized that a couple of such tools where already launched, which was kind of disappointing at the beginning.

But then we noticed that the existing services were lacking some of the features we decided to include in ours, so we finally decided to go ahead with our project overcoming the issues we found in other tools, such as:

  • If the discovered WordPress happens to be a child theme, they won´t give you that information.
  • Of course, in that case you´ll  never get any information about its parent theme. You can learn how important this is in this post.
  • If the site being investigated uses a special kind of framework to dinamically generate the WordPress theme, as in the case of Headway Base, you will get nothing but the mere theme name.
  • It looks like they only use one search strategy to reach the theme information. Should it fail, they will tell you that no WordPress was detected (whereas in many cases you know that the site is running on WordPress).
  • They have a rigid structure for results. Therefore they don´t show some interesting aditional data about the discovered theme that nevertheless is available, such as tags, licenses, distributors…
  • They don´t show you the screenshot of the discovered theme. Or if they do, they only do it when the image extension matches a particular one (i.e., .png).
  • They do never provide you with any additional information about the theme, they´ll give just what can be found inside the analyzed site (and then again, only part of it!).

After many development hours we got around to those issues (as well as to many others), so we are finally happy to invite you to freely use our complete WordPress Theme Detector.

Did we say complete? Nothing is quite complete without the valuable inputs and help from others. So please help us improve our service.

We hope you´ll find it useful. Enjoy it!

Note: Development and maintenance costs of this website are taken care of by means of affiliate marketing, so some of the links you´ll find in its pages will lead you to WordPress theme providers through our affiliate links. Please don´t be afraid of them since you will never be overcharged because of our affiliation. In some cases it will even allow you to save money if a discount campaign or coupon applies.